Friday, January 9, 2009

baby scare

Today was a stressful day. I woke up very crampy this morning but wasn't too worried, thinking it was just gas or Braxton Hicks contractions or something like that. Around 11 I went to the bathroom, and there was just a tinge of pink.

Calm, resolute, rationalizing attitude is beginning to edge toward the window.

I called the doctor.

Me: (an explanation of the situation)
Lady at the front desk: How far along are you?
Me: 30 weeks today.
Lady at the front desk: (insert panic sound here) Hold on.
Lady at the front desk: Patrice, how soon can you get here?
Me: I can leave immediately.
Lady at the front desk: (in a now very panicky voice) Get here as fast as you can.

Calm, resolute, rationalizing attitude is now throwing itself out the window at breath-taking speed, taking a few billion of my nerves and all of the peaceful, calming chemicals my brain may normally produce along with it.

I got in my car and called Matt. "I'll meet you there," he said. I then began begging the stubborn boy that is my son to please move or kick or something to let me know he's okay. He did nothing.

Calm, resolute, rationalizing attitude is now careening toward the pavement below, with above mentioned companions, at warp speed.

When I arrived at the doctor, I had to wait a few minutes, pee in a cup, and get my weight and blood pressure taken. I thought to myself, "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME I'm glad and appreciative that they are so concerned about all of these important details of my pregnancy. I feel so well taken care of."

Calm, resolute, rationalizing attitude has now smashed into a million pieces after hitting the pavement at about a billion miles per hour.

The doctor checked the baby's heartbeat, examined me, and said that everything looks good. The blood is in my urine coming from my bladder, not from my cervix. (Too much information? Sorry, boys). "We suspect it's a urinary infection, but won't know anything for sure until we send it off for a culture. I don't know what to tell you. I don't see anything to worry about." I thought to myself, "WHAT THE CRAP DOES THIS GUY KNOW If there was an award for trusting a doctor 100% and knowing and having faith that they know more than me, I would get first place."

Me (meekly, of course): Um, could I get an ultrasound please?

An ultrasound ensued. Everything is okay. The baby looks good. They have started me on a "perfectly safe" antibiotic (don't even get me started on all the horrible things the pamphlet says can go wrong if you take this drug during pregnancy) for my not exactly diagnosed UTI, and all is mediocre well.

And speaking of my stubborn little boy, he is now rocking and rolling and moving like crazy. He thinks he's soooooo funny. I am not amused. He is currently in time out.


Lauren said...

wow--i'm so glad that everything ended up okay with the baby. that had to be terrifying! we continue to keep you, matt and the baby in our prayers. hope everyone enjoyed the pictures over the holidays!

Janna Lynn said...

Aw, I'm SO glad everything is okay and sorry for your scare. Time-out sounds like a good thing for the little guy right now! :) Glad he's now having some fun in there and reasuring you that everything's okay with him!

shaina said...

tell squishy that he is never allowed to not move again and that if he does his aunt shaina is going to have to have a little word with him when he comes out. or maybe i'll just give him lots of hugs and kisses. but don't tell him that part. we have to make sure he knows the rules, even if it requires threatning. sorry baby, i still love you. oh yeah, and i love you too sister. feel better okay?

maurerjen said...

Oh gosh, Patrice, my heart stopped! I'm so glad that everything is okay and that you got to see your little one again! I was on at least three rounds of antibiotics throughout my pregnancy (they kept thinking a UTI is what caused the preterm labor...they were wrong). I hated every minute about it, but Jude turned out perfectly healthy. I know the pamphlets can freak the crap out of you, but they really ARE safe. :)

brightleigh said...

I am glad that everything is good! about not needing unnerving incidents! I know that your stomach went into your throat and that it was hard to breathe! Stay strong and pee when you need to! Get practice using time out because you will need it! We love you bunches!

Laura said...

I'm glad things turned out ok. Wish you didn't have to go through the scare though. You guys are still in my prayers and will be until that precious little guy is in your arms.

Katherine said...

What a scare! I would have been just as worried as you were, and I'm SO GLAD everything is OK and your OB ran all the tests (plus the U/S) that you needed to feel confident that all is OK. Still praying for you all!

Peyton said...

Man, yeah I'm glad I didn't know the details at the time (as in the lady on the phone sounding panicky), because I was plenty worried enough. What a big relief though. I'm finding myself getting painfully impatient for him to get here, and little episodes like this don't help much. Love you guys, we're almost there.