Sunday, December 21, 2008

labor of love

I'm reflecting a lot on this year as we approach Christmas, and I have a lot to say and a lot to post (mostly about Gabe and God's work in our lives through that), but for now I will let this video speak for itself. After going through labor and becoming a mom myself, I have a whole new appreciation for Mary - her faithfulness and willingness to take the path God laid out for her. How scared she must have been and how looked down upon she most have felt. What a beautiful story and what a special meaning it has to me now - that even though my son was taken away, the SON was born to Mary so that losing my son can be and is a great victory; that through Jesus's birth, life, death, and resurrection, I can know exactly where Gabe is and exactly where I'm going to see him again.


Katherine said...

IS that Jill Phillips? I love her music but don't think I've ever heard that song. Can't wait to hear what else you have to say as the year draws to a close!

Mindy said...

Thank You for reminding me of this beautiful Song. I had to blog about it too!!