Tuesday, December 9, 2008

geez, sometimes i'm an idiot

So I wanted to add a new song to my blog list. I went to my gadget button at the bottom of the page and just pasted the new code right on that sucker. Then, I realized... hmm I have two play lists playing... what's going on? I had pasted the new playlist code right over my cute blog code rather than the old play list. What a doofus. So now I'm back to plain old blog until I have the time, energy, and patience to put the new one up there. (It's 10:14pm for crying out loud. What am I doing up?)

Funniest Most pathetic part of this story, it took me about two hours and going back to my blog like three different times for me to figure out what I had pasted over. I was STARING at my blog (for a ridiculous amount of time) NOT noticing that the background was gone. Geez, sometimes I'm an idiot.


shaina said...

haha. well, i love the new background! :)

Laura said...

Some just blame it on pregnancy/mommy brain.

Happy Birthday!