Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving, part two

Thanksgiving started out kind of rough. My little sister, Shaina, had to be taken to the hospital by an ambulance (Mom couldn't get her into the car) with severe back pain. Turns out it was a kidney stone, which she apparently passed shortly after getting to the hospital. She was in excruciating pain, and finally, after a CT scan and two doses of morphine, was feeling better and was released from the ER. I helped Mom get her back home so by the time I got to Thanksgiving dinner, there was no time for photos of food or otherwise. I went straight to stuffing my face. Apologies.

We spent Thanksgiving day with Matt's mom's side of the family in High Point. There were 14 kids in all, so we were all glad it was a nice day and they could spend some time outside. Matt's cousins, Heather and Tiffany, had come up with an outdoor exercise scavenger hunt, and it was a great way to kill some time and get some of their energy out. :)

Thirteen of the fourteen kiddos. Baby Amelia was inside gettin' lots of lovin'.

On Saturday night, we all went to the Tanglewood Festival of Lights. Aunt Patsy had reserved a hay ride through the lights. We got in before all the traffic started, and it was so fun. We sang Christmas carols, and Jonah had a ball! He especially loved the old train they had all lit up with lights, and every archway we went under was a "tunnel!"

Afterwards, we went back to Aunt Patsy's house for our annual Dirty Santa christmas ornament swap. Jonah was lucky number 7.

Checking out the ceiling fan (hecitopter) with Grandaddy.

After the game we had dessert and tube fed Jonah. Not sure what I did hear to tick off His Majesty, but he was not happy with me.
We had a really nice Thanksgiving, but I started getting a sore throat last night and am feeling crappy today. Hope I'm not getting sick. I had big Christmas decorating plans for this week.

Uh oh. Gotta run. His Majesty beckons.

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