Sunday, November 13, 2011


I love our Sunday morning worship times. Our preacher, Jon, uses so much scripture and is so transparent, authentic, powerfully to-the-point and challenging. Every Sunday, coming away, I always have a lot to chew on and am inspired to love Jesus and others better.

This morning, our sermon was on living faithfully, especially during times of trial, praying and trusting in God's power to do the unbelievable, and living in the hope that comes from that. A reminder that if our faith is in Jesus, we can look beyond circumstances and trials, and live in hope anyway, even when it seems impossible.

Among a few other illustrations, Jon read this post I had written when Jonah was only a few days old.

can i get a woo woo?
Patrice, why on earth are you up writing a post at 4 am?

Why, you ask?

Because we just called the hospital to check on Jonah during my early morning pumping session and the nurse - beautiful, wonderful, heroic, ever-striving-forward Sabrina - reported to us that Jonah ate like a champ his last feeding. She estimates that he took AND SWALLOWED about 4 of the 5 cc's that she gave him tonight. One suck was so loud, she heard it outside of his isolette. Wow! God continues to answer very specific prayers, doesn't He? Are we surprised??? (that was rehtorrical of course)

... could be the Zantac.
... could be he's figured it out.
... could be just a one time thing.
... could be my Awesome Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I choose number four. Yes, that's my final answer.

Thank you sweet Jesus for this 
small huge victory in little Jonah's life. You continue to give him so much strength and will to survive. Maybe it's only a one time thing. Maybe it's a breakthrough. Either way, it's great news for one happy, happy set of parents. Thank you for your grace and your sweet mercies. They are new EVERY morning, even at 4 am.

Praise be to Yaweh Jireh - MY God, HE provides.
And then they showed this video I posted a couple of weeks ago.

(insert ugly Mommy sobbing here)

And then, at the end of the sermon, they played this song...

... which made me imagine praising God in His very presence, with a beautifully healed Jonah and a very alive Gabe by my side.

(insert more ugly Mommy sobbing)

God is so good. He has brought us so far. We have so much to be thankful for. And I'm especially thankful for that reminder this morning.

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