Saturday, April 19, 2008

the nursery

Here are some pictures of the nursery. I don't know how clear the color is, but the walls are teal and the furniture is white. It was Kim's first, and we are very thankful to have it. It's perfect. Matt wanted sports bedding (of course), but I wanted something neutral that we can use down the road if we have a girl someday. I won. Plus, all the sports stuff would not have gone with the teal walls, and there was NO WAY I was repainting any walls. We did enough painting when we moved in last July.

Matt wanted me to include this last one. I think this is what he would like the baby to look like. I would rather not have a big head, butt chin, sun-burnt, white-haired baby in a black and gold tux, but whatever.

Besides baby preparation, we haven't been up to a lot. I'm working almost every free minute trying to get lesson plans done for when I'll be out. It's very tedious and time-consuming. I would rather work hard now than have to be worrying about school when the baby comes.

I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and they say everything looks great. I've been having really bad leg cramps at night, so my maw maw told me to put an unwrapped bar of soap under the fitted sheet. I tried it (I was desperate), and it actually seems to help a little bit. I wonder who thought to try that in the first place. It sure doesn't seem like a logical remedy. Who thought to associate soap with the alleviation of leg cramps? It also seems like a glass of milk before bed helps a little too. I looked leg cramps up in my pregnancy book, and after a few lame-o suggestions, it said, "The best thing for alleviating leg cramps is having the baby." Um, thanks a lot. Very helpful.
Well, only three weeks to go if he's punctual. We'll keep you posted. :)


brightleigh said...

Wow--it looks like you guys are ready for real. Good for you. The nursery is beautiful. I will tell you that hand-me-downs are awesome. As far as the leg cramps, I felt that pain. I got a little relief from eating a banana before bed and Rob would help me stretch my legs out before I got into bed. It helped a little, but when you are at your point, comfort is a luxury. I have got to get your gift in the mail this week. Take care!

Katie said...

Ugh. Leg cramps are the worst. The only remedy for my charlie-horses was Nathan massaging them out when they woke me up in the middle of the night.

The nursery is super cute. Good luck over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully he is more punctual than mine. :)

Laura said...

The room looks great! Wise choice.

Lauren said...

i love the knobs you went with for the dresser--great choice!

good luck with everything over the next couple of weeks. i'll call you sometime this week to catch up :)