Thursday, April 24, 2008

missing gabe

Hey all,

Well, since I last posted a lot has happened. I stopped feeling the baby move sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday midday. I left work early on Monday, and Matt met me at the doctor's office. After waiting a while, they hoooked me up to a fetal monitor and could not find the heartbeat. They then took me back for an ultrasound, where it was confirmed that his heart was no longer beating.

I checked into the hospital on Monday evening around 5pm and gave birth to Gabriel Matthew (Gabe) around 3 am Tuesday morning. Of course we are devestated and heart-broken, but are confident that the support of friends, family, and, most importantly, our faith in God, our healer, will carry us through this difficult time. We're still praising him in this storm.

The service for our Gabe will be Friday morning at 11am at Gardens of Memory Cemetery in Walkertown. We would love to have any of you there, but of course our greatest request is that you petition our Father to give us peace and hope to carry us through all of this. We know that it will never stop hurting, but do trust that Jesus will give us that peace that passes all understanding, and that with time it will get easier.

We know that Gabe is with Jesus now, and that's got to be a lot cooler than living here with us. We miss him very much, and look forward to the day we'll finally get to see him smile in heaven.

Thanks to all of you who have already been and will continue to shower us with calls, emails, and messages of hope. But thanks most of all for the prayers. We have definitely been feeling them.


brightleigh said...

Matt & Patrice--we can't be there tomorrow, but know we are with you in spirit. You have been in our thoughts and prayers for a long time and will continue to be. You are very strong in your faith and that most of all will help get you through this. There are and will continue to be tough times, but remember you have an angel looking out for you. We love and miss you and hope to talk to you soon. Rob, Leigh, & Seth

Kerley's Kreations said...


I found your post on Kayleigh's blog and clicked it just to read about you and then saw you lost your first son at 37 weeks I lost our first child at 38 weeks 17 years ago. though it has gotten easier in the years later I still rememebr the day and reading this is offering me healing that I need. Thanks for that and I will also pray for your new baby as well that a cure/ healing can be found.