Wednesday, June 22, 2016

catching up

Just a quick update on the goings on around here. Life is busy but good. Jonah just finished up 1st grade and had an amazing year. God has seriously provided just what he needed in any and every situation. He tends to do things like that. We are so very loved and have fallen in love with his school and his teachers - from Kindergarten and First Grade. Everyone has been amazing.

Jonah is still into cars like always. His obsession only grows. He can tell you the make and model of almost any car he sees on the road. And he usually gets the year right too. It's pretty crazy. He has so many matchbox cars now, I can't even buy him any because I don't know which ones he has and which ones he doesn't. So now we get him gift cards or he makes specific requests, and Granny goes hunting on Ebay. Last week Jonah got a surprise package from a friend with a bunch of older ones that he didn't have. He was totally pumped.

Gideon is into all things superheroes, Avengers, wrestling and fighting. He is our full throttle, go all the time, can't take your eyes off him for a second, almost-four-year-old. Can you believe he's almost four??? He's extremely mischievous and often maddening, but I wouldn't trade him for the world. He is also the sweetest, most tender, loves-to-snuggle, double dimpled, hilarious little stinker you'll ever meet. He loves adventure and learning new things.

They both keep us laughing.

Matt and I are doing well. My Dad and his wife kept the kids last Saturday, and Matt and I went to Blowing Rock for the day. It was really beautiful and so nice to get a way for a whole day!

Because most days go something like this - 

(From my Facebook page on the 6th)

Just stepped outside to make an important phone call. I get on the phone call. Gideon follows me out there, goes out into the front yard, and starts pulling down his pants.
Me (while on the phone): Gideon, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Gid: I need to doe poopy.
Gid: (pointing at Deac) My dog does poopy in the yard.
Me: You are not a dog!!! GO INSIDE!!!
Gid: I jus' wanna pwetend I'm a dog and doe poopy outside.
(Gideon goes inside. Comes out a few minutes later, carrying the wipes, with no pants on...)
Gid: I all done.

I'm told I'll really miss these days, but right now, they seem pretty exhausting. I'm thankful for laughter in the middle of the crazy. Stay strong, Mommas. You're doing good work. And even when you don't, tomorrow is a new day. And the coolest thing about kids? Their love is pretty unconditional. They tend to love the best parts of us and let go of the not-as-great. And that's pretty spectacular.


Penny said...

They are precious! Jonah is so articulate and polite. You're doing an amazing job! Don't worry about the naked dude on the porch. My pastor's 3.5 year old did the same thing the other day~ only it was in the church sanctuary. Lol. At least my husband and I were about the only members still straggling after service when he walked in with his pants around his ankles. Lol

Jannette said...

Boys will be boys! I'm enjoying every moment with you, and I thank you for sharing the blessings AND the not-so-blessed happenings!
I'm glad to see that you all seem to be doing well!

Toni :O) said...

Such a great update. Glad all is going well. Here's a suggestion for you: My son has almost 700 Hot Wheels (he's 17). My husband just created an Excel spreadsheet and keeps it on his phone and that way when we are out and about shopping for new ones, he can look up to see what he already has. Pretty nifty and you could start now logging them when there's not 700 of them to start with LOL. Good luck and many blessings.