Thursday, April 24, 2014

if you have a second...

Hey Friends, I have a super special request.

This is one of Jonah's best buds at preschool, Eliza.

She is taking Jogging for Jonah and running for a cure very seriously. She is training at home and has her own fundraising page. 

Today she was holding up a poster in the hall that she made with her mommy and yelling to everyone to "Come jog for Jonah!!!"

She has the sweetest heart and has been so sweet to Jonah from day one. (And her mommy is someone pretty special to me too.) Her fundraising goal for Jogging for Jonah is $150. She has currently raised $60. If you have $5 extra would you consider donating it to J4J through Eliza's fundraising page? I'd really love to see her reach her goal and for her to know that she is doing something SO kind and SO important.

Her own words from her fundraising page:
"Jonah is so nice and very sweet. He will be my best friend forever. He is beautiful like a rose flower. Please help my best friend."

Here is the link to her page. Donating is easy, fast and tax deductible. I really appreciate you supporting Jonah AND Eliza. They are both very special kids.

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