Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the last few days

We had a great (but really really hot!) time at the fair this past weekend. Shaina came home from college and spent the weekend with us.

The fair was Saturday. We had a great Sunday too. But on Monday morning, Jonah woke up and couldn't open his eyes. His left eye apparently had a corneal abrasion and we spent the entire day in the dark - blinds drawn, lights off. He was so pitiful. He handled it okay in the morning, but a few hours later, he was OVER it. He was bored and MAD. It was so sad to see him that way.

This is a video I took with my phone yesterday morning. We were laying in bed, telling each other stories, in the dark. It's pretty much adorable.

We spent the day listening to music and audio books online. He was over that after about hour two.

This morning he woke up the same way, and couldn't (or wouldn't) open them. The left one was the injured one but he wouldn't open either one. He fell asleep for about 30 more minutes on the couch. I had gone upstairs to change G's diaper and get him dressed, and all of sudden, Jonah, from the bottom of the stairs, yells, "MOM! My eyes are open and I'm going to school!" So, with a bloodshot red, tearing, injured eye, I took him to school. Because who was I to squelch his determined spirit. He left his sunglasses on the whole morning, even in the room, but the teacher said he did well. (Oh yeah, Jonah is in preschool now, four mornings a week, and he LOVES it.)

He's still hurting some, but is able to have his eyes open now. He's MUCH happier and has proven to me, once again, that he's definitely the toughest guy I know.

I took this one this afternoon after he got home from school. I sure did miss those baby blues.

Baby G is doing well. He's 13 months old, and a true light in our lives. He is the sweetest, smiliest, most adorable little sweetie pie ever. We still don't have a timeline, but things are good! And God is faithful. And we are happy.

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