Wednesday, April 3, 2013

disney (Instagrammed)

I have tons and tons more photos, but haven't had a chance to sort through them all (and heart G's face on them) yet, so for now, here are the Instagram photos I posted throughout our trip. Sorry for my lack of blogging. It's just that by the time we get the boys in bed and our chores done at night, it's usually after 10:00 and I just don't have the energy to do it. I want to get better about though, if for no other reason than to have a way to "scrapbook" our family adventures.  And I miss you all! Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram in the interim. I'm "momtobabyjonut" on both. :)

Matt's parents, Aunt Melanie, sister and her family, and we went for Matt's sister's 40th birthday. Best. Birthday. Party. Ever. :) We did day one at Magic Kingdom, day two at Hollywood Studios, day three split between Animal Kingdom and Epcot, and day four back at Magic Kingdom. I am certain that Magic Kingdom was Jonah's favorite (because of the train alone, that we road at least four times), but Matt and I both loved Hollywood Studios the most.


Anonymous said...

I'm usually just a lurker but I have to comment that Jonah's skin looks awesome! Is his skin toughening up? I'm not terribly familiar with EB but he really looks fantastic and it seems that he's got less and less wounds with every post.

Anyway I'm glad to see your family having so much fun, you all deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the same thing! He looks fantastic! Yay for Jonah!!!