Tuesday, January 29, 2013

g's first food!

G had his first real food a couple of days ago. Carrots! They were a raving success. Here we go, into the land of baby food - I can't wait! I'm going to make my own as much as possible, and going as organic as possible, when reasonable. Trying to make some changes around here. Slowly but surely. :)

And here's a cute video of Jonah and his newest rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." With a word change, just to keep you interested. "How I wonder WHERE you are." ??? Genius.


carla said...

He's so cute. You just might have a little rock star.

Unknown said...

I loved making my own baby food! We did carrots, green beans, pears, apples, peaches....I am sure there were other things, but mine are now 10, 9 and 7.5. I often mixed the apples and pears, leaving the skin on for extra fiber. Never bothered mine to have tiny pieces of peel mixed in. I remember something about carrots and nitrites....or nitrates....you might google that. I didn't find out about that issue until I'd stuffed all mine full of them. :)

Our family page said...

Haven't been on here in awhile, but we continue to pray for Jonah daily. We love seeing all your pictures! My daughter, Annie says that G has a very cute nose! You are an awesome mom! Many blessings to you!