Wednesday, May 23, 2012

on a jetplane (on our way to NY)

Alright, I'm obviously going to have to break these vacation pictures up, because I have a ton and not enough time to write a post long enough to include them all. 

Jonah was amazing the entire time, but I could not believe how wonderfully he did at the airport and on the plane. He was so excited, and loved watching the planes and tanker trucks out the window. 

I was really cold in the airport. I obviously have no clue how to dress for an airport, airplane or a week in 55 degree high New York. Anyway, I was cold so Matt's mom pointed out $5 long sleeve shirts for sale at the little news shop.

Matt was mad because I bought a shirt that had the phrase "Tar Heel" on it. I told him he was giving UNC too much credit if he let them "own" that phrase. We are the Tar Heel state, whether he likes the sound of it or not. And it was cold. And it cost five bucks.

I was so worried that Jonah would be so anxious getting on the plane and/or while it was taking off that he would throw up. So I told the lady at the desk that we needed to get on first and she let us. He did cry and I was worried, but we made it to the back of the plane and got settled before anyone else got on. HE WAS AMAZING. He cried some, but it was intermittent, and he did great during take-off. I asked him if he wanted to pray for God's help, so as we were taxiing down the runway and lifting off, he was repeating my prayer that God would be with us. It was such a sweet moment.  He LOVED the flight and being up in the sky.

We played with toys and he was content the entire time.

We were sitting on the very back row of the plane, so we were last off, and Jonah got to look in the cockpit. The pilot offered to let him steer, but Jonah wouldn't go up there.

It was a REALLY great experience, and if it weren't for Matt's sister having to buy $200 worth of stuff ahead of time for us, us having to ship a huge box of stuff from here ahead of time, getting our bandages shipped directly to NY, and still checking a huge suitcase for Jonah, a smaller suitcase for Jonah, a cooler with his g-tube feeds, and his massage table for dressing change, I would fly any time we traveled. It was definitely a production, but so easy once we got to Kim's house.

To be continued...

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