Wednesday, April 11, 2012

amazed (and still mad)

Last night I had raised $60 on my fundraising page for Jogging for Jonah to fund research for a cure. Tonight I have $1,350.

You guys are so amazing. I would cry if I wasn't still so fired up. :)

Love you all so much. Seriously. You just don't know what you mean to me.

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Beth Norman said...

Patrice- just wanted to send a word of encouragement. I never comment but I have been around since Jonah was born. Lurking here in the shadows, donating to EB, but never commenting. Your honesty and spunk are so refreshing. I pray for you guys constantly. I bought the painting from Peyton during the auction and cannot wait to hang it in my house and will tell everyone who comments on it about your precious boys and all the little EB babies. Just know that someone in South Georgia is telling your story and doing all I can to help! Give that Jonah a squeeze from me!