Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Manic Jonah

Because Jonah slept late yesterday morning and we had to unexpectedly go to the doctor's office yesterday afternoon, I did not get to do his second dose of Pulmicort and Albuterol until 8:15pm last night. Apparently that, on top of his first dose of Prednisone I gave him at 6:15pm, was a little too much.

Jonah, 10:30 at night, after being in bed (VERY awake) for an hour.

Matt was at the Wake game last night, so for two hours I dealt with Jonah calling my name and wanting/need/exclaiming something every POINT two seconds.

After our normal nighttime routine, Jonah cried and fussed for about 20 minutes before I gave in and went up there for the first time. Mistake. This continued, some of it over the monitor, some with me up in his room, live and in person for two hours.

Jonah: Mommy, SING!
Me: (calmly singing) When peace like a river attendeth my way...
Jonah: Mommy, sing Jesuslovesme!
Me: (calmly singing) Jesus loves me this I know...
Jonah: Mommy! I wanna eat goldfish!

Jonah: Mommy! I wanna take a picture!
Jonah: Mommy! See that pretty light?
Jonah: Mommy! I wanna go downstairs!
Jonah: Mommy! I wanna play train table.
Jonah: Mommy! Who comin' today?
Jonah: Mommy! Wanna read books?!
Jonah: Mommy! I want my big pillow.
Jonah: Mommy! I need fresh water.
Jonah: Mommy! I went to the doctor!
Jonah: Mommy! I wanna get in the bathtub.

And on and on and on until he finally passed out at 11:30.

Moral of the story: No more Albuterol, Pulmicort, Prednisone combos after 6:00pm.

The End.

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