Sunday, January 29, 2012

prayers for Jonah

Will y'all please keep Jonah in your prayers? He's had a cough (no other symptoms, just a cough) for about two weeks now. It's gotten more persistent in the last week, and he hasn't been able to sleep well at nap or bedtime for the last four or five days/nights. Worse than that, he's thrown up every bit of food we've given him since Thursday morning. He just can't hold down his feeds when he's coughing. Thankfully he's drinking a lot of water and we're running Pedialyte overnight, so he's not dehydrated yet, but he's definitely not getting the nutrition he needs for his skin, or for anything, really. (And not the important part, but we sure are having a hard time keeping him clean/his bandages clean with all this throwing up.)

He had thrown up four times by 9:00 this morning. We've tried Delsym, Triaminic, some kind of all nautral honey based cough syrup from Whole Foods, and Hyland's Nighttime Cold 'n Cough for Kids. Nothing is even TOUCHING it.

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