Tuesday, January 17, 2012

going to Louisiana

I will be flying into New Orleans in the morning to be there for Tripp's service. I tried to find a flight for tonight and was going to come home tomorrow after the service, but there were no affordable flights available to get me home tomorrow night. So instead, I'm flying out in the morning and will come back Thursday morning.

I have a small prayer request if you don't mind. My flight lands at 10:23, I have to take time to get my rental car, and the service starts at 1:00. The church is 45 minutes away from the airport with no traffic. Will y'all please pray for smooth flights, no delays, and no traffic jams? I would be heartbroken to miss the celebration of Tripp's life, and if anything goes wrong (as things are wont to do in the airline industry), I will be pushing it. I do have an hour layover in Charlotte so there is a tiny window there if my first flight is running late. I've never flown on my own (Matt is the pro in our family), never rented a car, and never been to New Orleans, so this should be interesting. I'm so happy I get to go.

On the one hand, I want to be there RIGHT NOW, am desperate to give Courtney a hug, and the next 24 hours can't go fast enough. On the other I'm anxious about leaving my family, being so far from Jonah, and sad about the circumstances under which we're finally getting to meet.

Everything in me aches for Courtney. Losing Gabe was hard. Losing Jonah after almost three years of knowing and loving him, of him being my LIFE, would be INFINITELY more difficult. I just cannot imagine. Will you please continue holding her up in prayer? I know she is glad that Tripp is not suffering and knows his life made a difference. But at this moment, I can imagine that those thoughts are not that much comfort after having just lost your life and breath.

I love you, Courtney. Continuously holding you in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

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