Saturday, September 10, 2011


This first one is from today. We took Jonah to the mall for a couple hours this morning to walk around. We let him ride the little train that goes around the upper level and ate lunch at the food court. We thought about going to the air show, but are very thankful we didn't. Our friends who went said it was very hot (asphalt and no trees) and they're all sun burnt. So it would have been really bad for Jonah and we would have spent a lot of money and would have had to leave.

On the other hand, we paid $6.00 for the two of us to ride the train while Daddy stayed with the stroller and had a nice peaceful morning (plus a 35% off sale on everything -even clearance- at the GAP!).

Good times!

The rest of these are from the last several weeks. I'm just behind on loading them.

Jonah and Aunt Shaina

Jonah and Pop

Jonah and Aunt Sarah

From last weekend: Jonah and Daddy and Little Critter :)

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amy said...

We met you guys yesterday in the dressing room at the Gap. I came home and looked you up on the internet because I knew you had an amazing story. I have been reading your blog and I amazed at the faith you have sustained through your trials the past few years. We have fallen in love with Jonah and have been showing his picture to Luke because I hope he will see him again someday. Jonah is so precious and is blessed to have you as parents. You can count on us to keep your family in our prayers! Luke and his mommy, Holly, rode the train at the mall yesterday, too-what fun! Amy Heybrock, High Point, NC