Monday, August 22, 2011

jonah on delilah!

The nationally syndicated radio show host(ess), Delilah, is the spokesperson for Together For Kids, a national network of children's hospitals. 

From an email I received: Brenner is a founding member of a national network of children’s hospitals called Together for Kids (T4K). Radio personality Delilah, who is heard in our area each weeknight on 99.5 WMAG-FM, is the national spokesperson for T4K. She has agreed to share stories about patients who have been treated at T4K hospitals and encourage listeners to donate funds to T4K and its members.

Anyway, Brenner asked if they could submit Jonah's story. Of course we said yes, and we just found out that his story will air on Delilah tomorrow night, Tuesday, sometime between 6pm and 10pm EST, or at least those are the times for our local station (99.5). Click HERE for the station and times in your area.

Hope you can listen in!

(singing) Deee-liiiiie-laaaah

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