Saturday, July 2, 2011

still here

Alive and well, but no time to chat. Matt and I have to go downstairs and price maternity clothes tonight. Good times. We're running out of days to prepare. Yard sale is Saturday!!!

I just did my third day of week two of Couch to 5K. Hardest but most rewarding day yet. And now I'm treating myself to some Chocolate Cheerios and milk. What? They're whole grain.

All of Matt's family is at the annual beach trip starting today. We chose not to go this year given several things, the biggest one being that Jonah now understands that everyone else is outside and he can't be, although he doesn't understand why he can't be. It pisses him off and it's not fair, so we just decided to sit this one out. Beach vacations just really aren't our thing anymore. But Matt's Aunt Katherine is there, so if you read her blog, you can get all the cute photos and updates there. 

For now, here's some photos of Jonah (unedited except to brighten... snapping fast and I didn't have time to change the settings) to prove he's alive and well (although he did catch my cold, but it's not slowing him down much.) 

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