Wednesday, July 20, 2011

prayers for tripp

UPDATE: Courtney just posted an update on her blog.

Please continue to pray for Sweet Tripp and Courtney. Things are the worst they've ever been. He is in unimaginable pain. Tripp needs relief.

Update from Courtney:
Tripp is still in a tremendous amount of pain. We are trying to keep him as sedated as possible and working on switching his pain meds to something stronger (he has a VERY high tolerance for pain meds). Bathtime and diaper changes are unbearable. 

Please continue to pray for comfort for my little man- he is truly a saint and bearing a heavy cross right now. His wounds look terrible (especially his head and bottom) and he is getting weaker from lying without moving at all.

We are SO VERY blessed to have our wonderful pediatrician and the most caring and thoughtful pharmacist working practically 24/7 on finding the right pain medicine, making house calls, bring food, and just being there when I need both of them. They are AMAZING. and so are all of you wonderful prayer warriors. 

Thank you all for your continued love, prayers and support at this VERY difficult time.


The Slacker Mom said...

Many many prayers going their way!

Our family said...

And to think I was flipping out about have to search 30 minutes for my daughter's yellow shirt this morning. Humbled. Thank you. Will be praying.

Amy said...

Thank you for the update Patrice. I have been thinking about Tripp everyday, especially since I read the moving poem that she wrote. I wish I could do more to help that sweet little boy.

Amy Dalon said...

I have been thinking about him a lot- thank you for the update. I will be praying for him and Courtney!