Thursday, June 9, 2011

a list

1. You know I'm tired and feeling not creative when I start with a list. It is what it is, folks. I should have been in bed two hours ago.

2. I watched "So You Think You Can Dance" tonight. I never watch that show but really enjoyed it. And by "enjoyed it" I mean it made me feel pudgier and lazier than I already was, and I really really already was. Stupid pretty people with their stupid pretty muscles and their stupid pretty dance moves. Oh yeah, well I can eat three pieces of lasagna, two helpings of salad, two pieces of garlic bread, and two brownies with ice cream and still walk (true story). So there. Anyone want to start the "Couch to 5k" program with me? I'm not kidding.

3. Matt's currently at the movie theatre theater place watching The Hangover 2. I had to pass on that one. But I am jealous that he got to leave the house and go sit in the dark by himself for two hours.

4. I'm tired of my current Lightroom presets. If anyone knows of any good free ones, please let me know. Googling it was overwhelming.

5. Speaking of Google did y'all see it today? I'm in awe. (As in, I kind of sat there staring at it for five minutes, completely mesmerized.)

6. They are coming tomorrow to buy and pick up all of our old furniture. Let the building begin. Futon is up. Now just the bunk beds, two dressers, and a night stand. Hopefully a new dining room table and a full mattress are in the works for this weekend. We shall see.

7. This heat is killer. But most days I want to say on Facebook or wherever "If you can take your kid to the pool for more than an hour and don't have to do dressing change as soon as you walk in the door or you can let your kid play outside without their skin ripping off then shut up about the heat." But I don't. Because that would be rude.

8. Sometimes I want to own a horse. Other times I think about that one time I did and how it almost killed me on several different occasions, and I'm thankful that I'm sticking to a small foo foo dog and one needy kitty. 

9. I'm trying to make it to 10 but my eyes are closing. 

10. These guys are cute. They make cool rockets out of blocks. I love them.

Night Night.

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