Saturday, April 2, 2011

photos from today

Before dressing change. Bed Head.

Watching his train video for the 4,152nd time.


Practicing letters at dinner time with Kathryn.

Wearing Kathryn's shoes.

Jonah's doing great. I didn't end up taking him to the doctor on Friday, because he woke up fever-free and in a great mood. He has remained healthy (well, his version anyway... seems to always be congested) since Thursday night, so unless he starts feeling bad overnight, we are a GO for church tomorrow. I cannot wait for Jonah to go to his first real Bible class... all by himself. Even if he just makes it 20 minutes, it's something. I know it will be great for him. AND for us. We haven't been able to worship together in two years. I'm so confident that he will be well watched over and taken care of and I have full confidence that folks are ON IT. I'm more concerned that he will be a butthead and not show his charming and true nature. I hope that's just paranoia though and that he'll be the sweet boy we know him to be. Excited for this new milestone in his life!

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