Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i got nothin'

Yesterday Matt mowed the yard. Jonah proceeded to have a complete and total sobbing meltdown at the glass door, NOT okay that his daddy was doing something new, outdoors, and potentially dangerous without Jonah's close observation. So instead of being able to get things done in the house, we had to go out on the back deck and watch him mow the backyard and then had to move to the front porch to watch him mow the front. Ahhh, life with an extremely inquisitive yet overly timid two year old.

Once we were outside, in close proximity of Daddy, all was well.

(Please disregard the Polysporin/Aquaphor prints on the door.)

My attempt at taking a photo of the two of us...

... apparently it doesn't work with a 50mm lens.

Matt was leading his small group at church tonight, and we had sort of an "incident" at home. I'll let my Facebook statuses tell the story.

there is an animal of some sort (bird?) in my dryer hose in my house. matt's not here. it's either going to a) eat me or b) die and stink up my house. who wants to come over? manly men? women with something to prove? someone with a fly swatter/bat/lamp/broom stick/gun?

Possible false alarm. Possible pterodactyl invasion.

WOOHOO! Found my clorox pen behind the dryer. Also, does pterodactyl poo smell really similar to toddler poo? If so, we definitely have a pterodactyl invasion.

Fortunately (I guess), it turned out to just be the crinkling of the vent hose as it slid off the dryer. I didn't know this until I moved everything off the top of the dryer, drug it out, sat on the dirty floor and struggled for a LONG time to put the hose back on. In the meantime, Jonah went into my room, pulled most of the wet wipes out of the box, closed himself in there (not locked, but he doesn't know how to use door knobs yet) and pooed his diaper (which really ticks him off). Anyway, after (sort of) getting the hose back on, I turned my back to clean up for a minute or two. When I turned back around I saw this.

Having a toddler is fun. Totally made the whole dryer hose thing better. :)

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