Friday, April 8, 2011

ahhhh technology... again

I was going to have super cute photos tonight of Jonah playing with his new train set, but my computer has crashed. Again. On Wednesday, our sweet friend and blog reader, Wanda, stopped by for a visit on her way from Boone back to Durham. She brought Jonah an adorable train set, and he LOVES it. He has been an awesome self-entertainer for the last couple days. :) The photos are so cute, but they are in Lightroom on my other computer. I can turn the computer on. I can even open Lightroom. But as soon as I try to export the photos (or do any other action on the computer, including opening the Internet) everything freezes up. Total bummage. Matt and I have decided we don't want to keep putting money into fixing it, seeing as how it seizes up every couple months, so we've officially purchased our first (refurbished) Mac. It should get here on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I can't wait! Hopefully it will last us a very long time!

Matt is very sick with a severe sore throat and achiness. I'm wondering now if mine a few weeks ago wasn't a sinus infection after all. I sure hope he's getting what I had and not bringing a new germ in. We are so desperate to all be healthy. AND we are going on vacation next Saturday, to Asheville with Matt's family, and I am so sad to think Jonah or I might be sick for vacation. We won't be going to the beach this summer like we have the last several years, so this is it, our one big vacation for the year. Praying that Matt will start feeling better soon, and that Jonah and I can stay healthy.

We were both supposed to give blood tomorrow at our church's blood drive, but Matt can't give since he's sick, so I'm hoping my iron is up high enough to give. I would feel bad if we both let them down. I've been eating lots of red meat in preparation. It's been tough. :)

Sorry this post is boring and picture free. I really did try. Hope you all have a great weekend. Don't miss the post under this one about the nursing cover that's up for bid on Hope for Anton.

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