Thursday, March 31, 2011

this and that

Just a quick post tonight. My allergies are knocking me for a loop these last couple days so my energy is low. I've been carrying a kleenex box around with me for the last two days. Bummer.
First, I just found out that Patricia Heaton (you know, Deborah from Everybody Loves Raymond) has pledged to donate $10,000 when Reece's Rainbow Twitter Page reaches 10,000 followers. Pretty awesome huh? What an awesome gift for them! Their twitter page is HERE. Please consider becoming a follower. A small way to make a big difference.

Jonah is running a low grade fever (between 99-103) for the last couple of days. I guess I'll take him to the doctor tomorrow. I don't get it. Today was day 10 of antibiotics. His skin looks great, so I don't think it's an infection, but it still worries me. I would probably give it another day if we weren't going into the weekend. I'm really wanting to make it to church on Sunday. Jonah is starting his new class with the kids HIS AGE (we've held him back with the younger ones since he couldn't walk). But now he's walking and cognitively right with his age group, so now's the time. We're leaving him all by himself, cold turkey, and have given his new teachers a list of "do's and don'ts". Nerve-wracking but exciting! Anyway, if this fever doesn't go away in the next couple of days, I guess, once again, it's no church for us. Hoping it's just a minor virus. No big deal.

In other news, Jonah busted out with "ALL ABOARD" when he was watching his train video on youtube today. The video doesn't say that. I have no idea how he learned it. He then counted backwards from 10 without skipping a beat and yelled, "Blast off!" at the end. I don't know where he learned that either. Obviously, all that TV is rotting his brain.

And just in case you want to see the video that Jonah watches over and over and over again, here it is:

You would really have to love trains to get it, I think. He just watches and giddily screams "Train! Train!" and "Choo-Choo!" It's pretty much the sweetest thing I've ever seen and actually brought me to tears yesterday. I love that kid.

That's it for me. We've mostly been hanging around the house and haven't had a whole lot going on. Hope you have a great Friday!

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