Monday, March 14, 2011

sick again :(

Photos from our friend David's birthday party from this weekend. Ever since then, Jonah will tell me, "Sing," and I have to sing "Happy Birthday" over and over again. When I pause after the word, "Dear," he sings "Daaa-pid", and then I finish up. It is pretty much THE cutest thing I've ever seen. We love you, Dapid.

The birthday boy!

Big brother Micah.

She went home today. I don't want to talk about it.

My best good friend and her beautiful Mommy.

Three generations. Elizabeth, I could eat you with a spoon.

I'm frustrated tonight. Jonah is sick again. Coughing like crazy, throwing up meals, not sleeping well (b/c of the cough) and has already damaged his airway (again, the coughing). The doctor's suggestion? Benadryl. I will be seeking a second opinion. I currently have him on an expectorant during the day, Delsym at night, some kind of natural honey cough med that Matt picked up at Whole Foods, and I had to give him a steroid dose tonight. After one day of coughing, he is already struggling to breathe and has stridor. This is ridiculous.

And did I mention that the "L" and "J" key tops have popped off on my computer and I can't get them back on?

And that I've gained five pounds in the last two weeks?

And that I spent a ridiculous amount of time today on the phone with the Social Security Office and DirecTV ("I just want to cancel. You aren't going to convince me. Your price goes up every two months. You replaced our DVR box for "free" but charged us $19.99 to ship it. It took three days. We had to pay $15 for a remote that broke by no fault of ours. I don't think it's right I have to pay $6.00 a month if I want to insure your crappy equipment. Please just set the cancel appointment. Now.").


I said I don't want to talk about it.

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