Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bummage in the williams household

Things are a little rough here today. My sinus headaches from this weekend have turned into a full blown sinus infection. I only feel okay if I'm loaded up on at least 600 mg of ibuprofen. Otherwise, I'm aching, my ears and head hurt, and my throat hurts so bad I can barely talk or swallow. Stinks. Anyway, I started on an antibiotic today and I'm going to take another dose before bed, so hopefully I'll be feeling better fast.

Jonah's still sick, but I took him to the pediatrician today. She's started him on an antibiotic (apparently he's got the beginnings of a sinus infection too), and we came home with a nebulizer and Pulmicort! We have some Albuterol too, but I'm not planning on using that unless it moves down into his chest. So far, it's all upper airway. We may not have success with the Pulmicort, but at least it's something to try. Jonah was not a fan (to say the least) of us blowing that stuff in his face, but  hopefully he'll get used to it.

I'm missing my Radical book/Bible study tonight, and these girls (well, except Vanessa, cause you know, she lives in Texas)...
... which is a real bummer. 

Please don't miss the cut pink/tangerine baby girls' hat over on Hope for Anton. It's size 3-6 months, ADORABLE, and currently has no bids!

Hope you all are having a God-is-slapping-me-in-the-face sort of week.

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