Friday, February 25, 2011

this sweet thang...

This Sweet Thang...

is having his SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY tomorrow! We are loving having Matt's family in town, including his sister and family from New York. All my family is coming tomorrow. We are having a family-only very laid back party at the house. The complete opposite of last year, but I'm okay with it. Last year was a blast, but was a ton of work and a ton of people (around 250-300). I'm looking forward to a quiet, casual, time with our families, celebrating the amazing life of our miracle child.

Love me some Jonut.

Jonah's super cool t-shirt is from Luna B Tee, who will be doing an online fundraiser for Anton, hopefully in March!

Auction Update: In about 26 hours, ALL ITEMS HAVE BIDS, and we've raised around $5,000! God is amazing. And you guys are pretty snazzy too. :) If you haven't checked out the auction, you can see the amazing items HERE.

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