Saturday, February 19, 2011

great day

Thank you so much for your prayers. Jonah is doing much better. He was breathing much better last night and has kept down ALL of his food the last two days. The steroids seem to be working. He took his last dose tonight so we just pray for continued good breathing now that he's done with the dose. 

We had a really great day today. We didn't go anywhere. Jonah was fussy at times because of the steroids but was about 20 times better than he was yesterday. I wanted to cry by the time Matt got home last night. Clingy, whiny, irritable. Shwoo. Steroids are no joke. I thank God for them though. My Jonut can breathe!

I was working on Auction stuff most of the day when I had free time. Thankfully it was beautiful outside so we all go to hang on the back deck for most of the day. (I actually got a pretty bad sunburn on my knees. Yep, February 19th. That's got to be a record. Even for me.) While Jonah was napping, I was working outside and Matt made me lunch and brought it to me.

(Matt asked for and received an Atlanta Braves toaster for Christmas. Now we get an "A" burnt into all of our bread. Yep.)

After Jonah woke up and ate lunch, we just hung out on the deck, snuggled on the couch, and played.

Tonight we grilled out on our brand new grill. Our old grill broke in the Fall, so Matt got gift cards to replace it for Christmas. Jonah enjoyed some dancing time while Matt cooked dinner. (Excuse my singing.)

It felt like a "normal family" day. We haven't had any of those for a couple weeks now. I don't think we'll go to church in the morning, just in case Jonah has any remaining germs. And I definitely don't want him picking up anything new. We've got all our family coming into town starting Thursday. Why, you ask? A certain little someone will be TWO next Sunday. Can you believe it??? Best two years of my life, by far.

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