Wednesday, January 26, 2011

photo catch up

Playing the drums (Friday morning).

 He's feelin it!

Playing with Grandaddy in his tent. (In very close contact, thus getting him sick. Sorry Grandaddy. We didn't know.) 

This was yesterday. He was being completely adorable. He was literally yelling "CHEESE!" as he did this. It was unprompted and I didn't even know he knew that word.

These are super blurry because I needed my flash but didn't have the right lens on and I was snapping quickly. Jonah sportin' his new PJ's. He doesn't know who Thomas is but he's all about the trains. I was so excited when I saw them. I couldn't resist.

And this is my canvas wall that Katie helped me hang when she came to visit on Friday. (Also pre-sickness). The one of us facing the ocean was a gift from Matt's Aunt Katherine, the family one was a Canvas On Demand Groupon (AWESOME deal... keep an eye out for it when it comes around again), and the small one was a $17 deal from The Canvas People. You can't even get a nice print in a nice frame for under $20. Sweet!

Matt's completely back to normal except for a still diminished appetite. I felt perfect yesterday, but Jonah and I are both still having some tummy issues today. I thought he wasn't going to throw up at all today, but he puked everything at dinner. And at that point, I had only given him four ounces. Frustrating. I'm hoping we are COMPLETELY over this very soon. I'm fairly certain we're past the contagious stage, but the lasting... well, you know... I could do without. Ugh.

Hope you're all having a great week so far!


Laura A said...

Love the pics- glad you're at least feeling well enough to post! Praying that this will leave your house quickly! :)

Jonah makes me smile every time I see him! Thank you again for sharing him with us.

Have a good rest of the week!
Love from TX,

Jennifer said...

I am LOVING the photo wall! Hope you all feel 100% better soon!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

So glad the canvas is working out! I actually tried to make the one of the bottom left work for me, but I couldn't get it to wrap around the frame properly. I'm glad you were able to figure it out! It looks great.

Chris said...

I love your canvases! Beautiful
I hope all of you guys are feeling better soon.

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Glad to hear all are feeling better. Jonah is going to be a musician. The way he gets into his music is awesome. I bet granddaddy wasn't to upset to get all that special loving from that sweet boy.. Love the wall.

Hope all have a great weekend.

Love and prayers are sent your way.

Sarah-Anne said...

dude, if it was possible to get sick via the Internet, I totally think that I got it. 24 hr. (or more in your case) stomach bugs stink! :(
glad to hear you are feeling better, though. hang in there!