Saturday, January 22, 2011

jonah update

I'm going to keep this short because I'm really tired and still want/have to finish cleaning out my closet before I go to bed. 

This past Thursday, Matt took off work, and we went to Chapel Hill for Jonah's dentist appointment. There are obviously areas of concern, and places where he has very little to no enamel. He has the teeth he should at this point, but none of them are as big as they should be and many, if not all, are worn down some and uneven and rough. At this point, though, he's not showing any signs of abscess or infection, so we'll just keep doing what we're doing and go back in six months. There are options (crowns, caps, implants etc) for when he gets older, so Matt and I are happy that someday, he can have normal looking teeth, hopefully. He screamed bloody murder throughout the check-up, but didn't throw up, which we were happy about. At the end of the "torture session" Dr. W asked for a high five, and Jonah obliged and said a tearful, "yaaaaay!" as he did it. So cute.

We then had to be back in Kernersville by 4:15 for a blood draw. I don't really want to talk about it, because I'm glad I don't have to think about it anymore. It was horrible, difficult, painful (for all three of us), and there were four of us holding him down while he cried and looked at me to rescue him. They did get the blood they needed though, and once again, somehow, he didn't throw up. Shwoo. Hopefully we won't have to think about any more blood draws for a while... a year, I'm hoping. If your child has never had to have blood taken out of their arm, let me just tell you, it is a ridiculously difficult and heart wrenching thing. Putting fragile skin and having to be held down on top of the normal stuff, and it's just down right torturous for all involved. 

Jonah woke up this morning, and when Matt went up there, he had vomited on himself sometime during the night and started this morning off with diarrhea. He also threw up about half his breakfast and threw up his lunch (over three hours after eating it). We didn't even try dinner and are running Pedialyte through his pump tonight. He's tired, clingy, weak in the eyes, and may be running a low-grade fever (I didn't check because that is a fruitless wrestling match that ends up in no accurate temperature and blistered arm pits). He apparently has some sort of stomach bug. I'm hoping it will be short lived. 

Anyway, not the greatest couple of days health wise, but we're doing okay. Jonah has been in good spirits in between the bad stuff, Katie came for a visit yesterday, and I scrapbooked last night with my friend, Lindsey. Grandaddy (Matt's dad) came last night and hung with Jonah last night and today, and then Matt and his dad went to the Wake/Duke game this afternoon. So there has been a lot of good mixed in with the tiresome. Praying that Jonah beats this bug quickly so he doesn't lose too much wait and I don't lose what sanity I have left. :)

Sorry this is kind of down tonight. We're really okay. I'm just feeling a little worn out. We won't try church in the morning since Jonah's sick, so I really hope we can all sleep in a little and recover. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday. Take some time to rest!


momma betchan said...

Would one of those "temporal scanner" thermometers be more helpful?

blessedmomto8 said...

BIG HUGS and prayers to you all! God's got you! You are such a STRONG wonderful mother!

Nutty Mom said...

Sorry you've had a rough few days. I know the feeling. We just got out of the hospital ourselves with our 2 year old daughter.

I was wondering with the blood draw, do they use any sort of topical anesthesia on him? I'm asking because my daughter had to get an iv and blood-work, and they had this fancy little thing. It was a syringe, but no needle. On the end there was just a tiny silver dot. They would touch it on the skin and push a button and it would spray anesthesia under the skin by way or aerosol I think. It sounded like a tiny jet plane! But, my daughter didn't even cry or fight when they went to do the needle stick (and she's only 2). Just something to ask about in the future!

Heather said...

What a rough couple of days. Blood draws are HORRIBLE! I hope he gets over his tummy bug quickly and that you all get some much-needed rest.

Jennifer said...

Hope Jonah starts feeling better soon & that the rest of you stay healthy!

Jessica said...

I hate blood draws... hurts my heart. Get some rest. Praying for your family.

sassy said...

Sounds like gamorous Mommy life-you get a gold star!!!!My schoolnurse jus ttold me about a forehead thermometer...not sure if that would work for you guys or not.....(prayers from Canada, you are an amazing Mommy!)

Me, the boys and a Farm... said...

So sorry for the difficult days. I guess the up side is you are getting it all in one sweep. Hope it is a 24 hour kind of thing. We finally bought the forhead scanning thermometer...acurrate and over in like 2 seconds...really. And, Walmart(I know, I know...but I haven't seen them at target) sells them for about 30.00. Worth every penny! Thinking and praying for your family!

The Goodman Family said...

So sorry to hear that Jonah is so sick, having a sick kid stinks!!! I basically just got on here to ask if you had heard about the temporal artery thermometer, but by looking at all of your other comments, it's pretty obvious that you have heard about it. Hope that Jonah gets to feeling better really soon and I hope that you and Matt don't get whatever he has picked up! Blessings!

Laura A said...

Praying for healing and rest for all of you (and also praying that Matt and you don't get it!) There are a LOT of things I can handle, but throwing up sends me close to the edge every time!

Caroline has a "thing" about needles - when we went to have a blood draw over the summer it took several of us to hold her down. The second one we did, we used some of my mom's numbing cream (I think it's called Emla?) - she uses it around her port when she has chemo. It took about 20 minutes to kick in but it did seem to help (according to Caroline, anyway). Don't know if you'd be able to use that for Jonah but it's a thought anyway!

Love to all of you!

Penny said...

So sorry he is sick! I hated my baby having the blood draws, too. I can't even imagine if she'd had EB on top of her blood disorder. I am heading to Sunday school and church in a minute. Our little elementary class prays for Jonah every Sunday morn. God bless.

teacheroftwos said...

I was thinking the same thing about the temporal scanner that you just brush across his forehead? Or what about an ear themomotor? Praying that Jonah is on the mend soon and I will be praying for your strength as well!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

LOTS OF HUGS & KISSES sent your way..I hope Jonah's stomach bug has gone away...we are really seeing some sick kids/adults in our office..if they don't have the stomach thing then they have the flu. The influenza shots really didn't work this year.

Sorry all of you had such a bad day on Thursday, but thankful that it is over & Jonah didn't vomit.

Silly the doc a "high five" after so much terror.

I'm really disappointed that I have not made it to WS to visit, but my mom has been in the hospital 7 out of the last 10 days...she is home now & I am praying for her feeling much better.

I am getting excited about the auction & some big boy's SECOND B'DAY..WOW.

prayers & hugs are being sent your way.

Love ya,

Island Jack's Travel said...

YES! RUN to Target and get a thermomether that you lay on their forehead. No it isn't as accurate but it doesn't really matter. This is the only thing I ever used for my kids as I was afraid they would break a real thermometer and get hurt.

As for blood draws .... it isn't fun no matter how old. I remember having to hold Jason down and Jonah looks as strong. It could not have been easy to hold that young man down.

Praying Jonah will be feeling like new by tomorrow. YOU TOO!!!

Love, Janet

Angela Hunt said...

I hope guys are having a restful Sunday. I'm praying for you all!

Jennifer said...

I was going to suggest one of those thermo's that you put on their foreheads but I see someone already has. Our doctor's office uses it and it is fast and they are so unscary. I had thought about getting one when our ear one dies! Also, I HATE blood draws. We had to do it (often!) with our son. Between regular shots and blood draws he thought he had "shocks and a bandaid" every time he went to the doctor! Praying for you. Jennifer in Southeast, NC

Angelique said...

Holy Cow! That stomach bug seems to have hit every family in America! Hope you all are well soon :)