Sunday, December 5, 2010

our weekend

We have had a great weekend. On Friday, Jonah received a package from some blog reader friends. It came with all kinds of goodies, including this cool light up wand thingy, car slippers, books, etc. Thank you so much, J Family. He loved everything!

Mommy was especially happy about the candy. Nothin' like a biting the head off of a chocolate Santa at the end of a long day.

During the week I did some of the decorating inside. We still have to do the outside, but it has been so cold this weekend we haven't gotten around to it. I wrapped my wall art, just like last year. I don't remember which one of you suggested that last year, but I love doing it. It makes everything feel so much more festive.

On Friday, as soon as Matt got off work, we went to pick out our Christmas tree. We had a fake one the last two years, but it was hard to set up and none of the lights work anymore, so we just decided to go real this year. I'm not sorry.

Hugging our tree. :)

Matt and I had fun decorating the tree after Jonah went to bed Friday night, and when he got up, he was very surprised. Lots of "twee" and "wowee" and "whoa". 


And then, on Saturday, around midday, we got a surprise snow. They had only called for flurries mixed with rain, but it ended up being one to two inches. It was beautiful falling, but we enjoyed it from the inside.

And Jonah learned a new word: "Nooooooo" (said in awe) for "snow."On Sunday, we went to my mom's for delicious soup and to watch the Kernersville parade. She lives downtown, and it went right by her house. It was extremely cold, but we had a great time. Jonah and I had lots of layers, and I had him in the Ergo, so we benefited from each other's body heat.

Jonah waving to the cars and trucks. "Caaaaa!" 

Katie and Nathan came with their girls to hang out with us at the parade. Quinn and Jonah are buddies and there was lots of kissing at the end that I didn't get on camera, because we were headed out the door. 

Alright, that's it for me. It has been a great but exhausting weekend and I feel like my eyes are closing as I type this. Hope your weekend was great too!

(And I'm not forgetting the zoo pictures... I just haven't gotten there yet.)


Meesh in MO said...

I am jealous of your snow but I'm glad that you got it instead of me (I'm in western Missouri), so that Jonah got to see the wonder of it! Your tree is gorgeous! I think it's really sweet that you have a stocking for your Angel baby. :) I pray for Jonah and Tripp.

*hugs from Missouri*

jenlar3 said...

How excited I was to see your wrapped pictures!!! we have done that forever and I remember sharing with you last year when you were asking about people's traditions and/or decorations. How fun to see Jonah enjoying his "twee"!! I always loved the wonder in their eyes when they were little and realizing things for the first time. Increased my enjoyment with new wonder also!

Have a happy Christmas season!!

momma betchan said...

Its so awesome he's so healthy - thanks for sharing so much of y'alls lives.
Pray for y'all often.
Lauren in TX

stiner0305 said...

nice snow pictures!! but you can keep all that snow, i really don't want any here. :)

Gilda said...

I want snow and so do my kiddos, thanks for sharing those pics of it was beautiful coming down.Jonah looks great! Glad you all had a wonderful weekend.

Wanda Wilkinson said...

So good to hear about the great weekend. All kinds of fin stuff. Your house is beautiful. Loved seeing the excitement & awe on Jonah's face. A tree,snow & parade how awesome. Jonah is going to be into Christmas this his little car shoes.


trooppetrie said...

it is so weird to think of how close we live to one another and we only saw flurries and then sleet. my kids would have been thrilled for snow to play in

Lis said...

Patrice everything is so beautiful. Love the idea of wrapping your pictures.. may do tht next year!

APA and NBK's Mom said...

Someone taught us this little trick (maybe it is my imagination) and it seems to work great. Instaed of water, give your tree Sprite or any store brand lemon/lime soda and it will hold its needles really well and stay very green. Merry Christmas!

Sara said...

Brrrrrr....sure is beautiful to look at...but, I am a CA girl at heart!

I wanted to let some of my new EB "friends" (I am friends with The Ringgolds), that I have committed to donating 10% of my sales from my etsy shop to P.U.C.K...It's a NEW shop, I am just starting, but I really want to help be a piece of the puzzle to solve the EB mystery.

I've become quite attached to these kiddos, because of Bella.

Your Christmas decor is darling...I really need to get our tree!