Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas, part one

I started to do a Christmas post, but then I realized I took so many photos (and I have an "I can't delete photos even if they're blurry or I have five of almost the same exact thing and also I have to edit all my photos even if the edits look almost as crappy as the original" syndrome), I'll have to split this up in a couple posts. Basically, we had a wonderful time with Matt's family. There was the normal Jonah stuff we always have to do, but there was plenty of relaxing, book reading, Scrabble playing, way too much eating, laughing, talking, sleeping etc. I can't tell you how nice it was to be away from the house for a few days and to have so many family members who wanted to help out with and entertain Jonah. I love Matt's family so much, and I feel so blessed that God put me with them. And Jonah was a pure joy and so much fun. I LOVE THIS AGE! Every day I treasure it all up in my heart, trying to hold on to all his cuteness and hilarity. He seriously is such a charmer and I am completely in love and enamored with this child. (I'm going to pretend he's always going to be like this and he won't pitch fits, talk back, bite his friends, or find me embarrassing... let me bask in my denial.)

So anyway, I thought I'd start with the most important part of Christmas - the loot Jonah scored. (Just kidding, of course.) But seriously, this kid is spoiled rotten, and I'm pretty sure he has the most toys of any child on the face of the planet. Okay, maybe not as many as Tripp, but he's coming in a close second. I have many more meaningful and better photos to share, but that will come later, due to the aforementioned photo syndrome.

Oh yeah, before we get too materialistic, I wanted to show you how great Jonah's face looked on the 24th.

And this was the 26th. Both are pretty amazing compared to the last ones I posted, huh? God is good!

Now to the stuff (and this was only a portion of it...)

Rumblin' Chuck Truck (that he was slightly scared of at first). 

Jungle thingy. Don't remember the name, but little animals with wheels slide down the path. Cute.

Jonah took a small break from "getting" to walk for the first time.

 Stocking stuff: some books...

... and a wooden train... it would appear Santa did his stocking shopping at the dollar bin at Target.

The big one - a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Something Something Pony.

Santa may have gotten this one more for Daddy than for Jonah, but I think it will bring them both lots of joy for the next several years. It's going to start out in Jonah's bedroom if we can do some rearranging and find a spot to put it.

A geometric shape stacker. I really like this. Jonah agrees.

A surprise gift from Granny and Grandaddy - a Power Wheels! (Which he was TERRIFIED of at first and only moderately scared of now.)

A Little People Barn. (Hat not included.)

And this, Friends, is what my living room looked like after we unpacked today. Did I mention we have two more Christmases on Saturday? And did I also mention that the two ottomans shown (and another one off the kitchen, not shown in the photo), are already full of toys? Yep, we have some serious sorting, organizing, and redistributing to other rooms to do. Can you even spot Jonah?

Seriously though, this child is so loved and toys or no toys, he'll never feel lonely or unloved. That's our promise to him - no matter what you go through or how much you endure, no matter our financial situation or where we live, no matter how much you have or how little, no matter what, you will NEVER think you are unloved or wish you had different parents. (Well, you may wish that but it won't be because we don't love you enough... it'll be because we won't let you get a cell phone at the age of eight or because we'll make you do your homework before you turn on the TV... but not because you don't feel loved.)

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I'll be back with more (and more walking videos) soon!


Janel said...

that's funny - that last picture is kind of a "where's waldo"! so cute!

his face looks AMAZING! God is good all the time!

KAL071203 said...

Jonah's healing is amazing! God's hand is deffinetly on him! We also bought those trains from target...and every other wooden vehicle they had..dude the were 1.00! That was our older (6yr.) son's gift to his brother(2yr) he loves them, however rough play will break the elastic so have some super glue handy! Hope you all have a blessed new year!

Meesh in MO said...

I am so glad his face is healing well and fast. Wow, he got a lot of cool stuff. I'd love to crawl all over the floor and help him break in those toys. :) I also wanted to say it really strikes me as awesome that in many of the pictures you post, Matt is present. I don't see that on a lot of other kid type blogs and that is sad to me. Both of Jonah's parents love him tons and it's obvious to your readers. :)

Tina said...

Looks like you need to remove some furniture from that room, the amount of toys look fine to me.

Jonah is such a blessing!


chinamoon1420 said...

Your living room looks like mine! We still have that pony. In fact I have been trying to sell ours. We have had it since our son was about 16 months old. He is 3 now. He would still play with it except he is too tall for it! Jonah will get a few years excitement out of it!
I take my toys and rotate them out because we have so many of them. Works really well. It's like he gets new things every month or so. It also helps keep a walking path in my living room!

His face looks amazing! I can't believe how fast his face is healing! God is so good!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Already missing you, Matt and our new little walker! So much fun to be with you guys over the holiday. Love!

Me said...

Lovely blog :)
Really enjoyed stumbling across it :)
Jonah's healing is amazing :) What a cutie xx

Claire said...

I'm so glad he is healing so well. Looks like a truly beautiful Christmas!


stiner0305 said...

sounds like you guys had a great christmas! his face looks great!! isn't that what christmas is all about,well kinda, running out of room for living? i know it takes me "forever" to get my house back in shape after christmas.

Phyllis said...

What a handsome big boy...his face looks great!

Glad you got some "down" time.

Wanda Wilkinson said...

WOW!!! His face is awesome, now anyone who does not believe that GOD still performs miracles needs to visit your blog & look at that sweet,sweet face.

I hope he got to keep that hat to go with his pony barn, that hat was made for Jonah--

The videos you posted of him walking I watched 20+ dgt wanted to know if I thought he was going to do sometime different--no I was just in love watching that little fellow walk (almost run) by himself.

I am glad everyone made it back to WS safely & hopefully you will have time to rest before the next celebrations start this weekend.

Looking forward to more pictures/videos hopefully that will include you & Matt...we love Jonah, but really enjoying see you interact with him.

More prayers & blessings

Penny said...

Love the close-ups. God is great! No, Jonah will never feel unloved and unwanted. And even though he won't have a cell phone at eight (which I definitely agree with), I doubt he'll ever wish for different parents! He's a smart boy~ and if strangers, like me, can feel the love you have for him through reading your blog, so will he. God bless! :)

Penny said...
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jmh said...

Not that you asked for advice on anything at all, but I did have to mention this one thing --

That Fisher Price Basketball goal in this post -my son has the same one and it tips over SO easily; filled with water or sand (we've tried both) and hits hard when it topples over (forward). I would just hate NOT to mention it. It has whacked my kid several times in the head.

Jonah's precious!

Katie said...

Did Jonah's little penguin do something wrong? Him standing there having to face the fireplace is just pitiful. Poor thing.

Gracesmommy said...

Jonah's face looks AMAZING! God certainly does have his hand on your little man! I feel privileged to be able to follow your blog and watch Him work in your lives!

Isn't Target's dollar spot awesome? Our daughter may or may not have gotten her stocking stuffed with lots of their goodies!