Tuesday, September 7, 2010

jonah's bathroom

This will be super quick -

I spent from 2 pm to 9 pm painting Jonah's bathroom today. I chose "Key Lime Pie" green, and it looks awesome. Between the jungle bathroom set I won on Ebay and the original Target pieces I got from a sweet blog reader, we are almost set. Now I just need to find one or two bath mats, a couple towels, and some wall art, and we'll be finished. The walls are painted, and we have the hooks, shower curtain, a couple soap/lotion dispensers, trash can, kleenex box, canister with lid, tooth brush holder, and cup.

And I am WORN OUT. When we first closed on our house (three years ago) I, with help from siblings, friends, and sibling's friends, painted the living room (textured), the nursery, the guest room, our bedroom (red... I AM AN IDIOT!), our kitchen, and sanded, primed and painted our kitchen cabinets. I vowed I would never paint again. And today, I renew that vow. Painting a bathroom is ridiculously difficult. Too many small spaces, corners, and fixtures to paint around. Between the taping and painting, I know it took me close to 12 hours. Shwoo. Much love and many thanks to Granny who watched the Jonut so I could get it all knocked out today.

I called my dad to ask him some spackle/painting questions, and he said something like, "Knowing you, you probably won't wait, but I'll be glad to help you if you can wait till the next time I come."

What he's referring to is my days of little motivation followed by my spurts of "I got something in my head and it must be done RIGHT NOW" productivity. I often refer to it as a "bee in my bonnet," but my sister accused me of being an old lady with purple hair or something, so I won't mention that phrase here... lest she make fun of me... again. And Dad might also be referring to the day last week he called and I was moving a giant TV and all the furniture in our bedroom by myself because of aforementioned bonnet bee.

Anyway, the bathroom is done and I'm glad to have accomplished something big today. This kind of tired feels good. I'll have before and after photos once I get the wall stuff up. I want it to look completely finished before I put up photos.

Jonah's doing well, and he was awesome today for Granny. He's finally back to his normal (mostly) sweet self. He's got lots of new tricks, so I'm going to try to get them on video soon.

This wasn't so short after all... so it seems to go with me. I'm not exactly concise. It's my only vice... or something.


RLR said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the 'afters'. Know what you mean about a bee in the bonnet. Just a few weeks back, I swapped three rooms of furniture around. About a month before that, a near-overnight laundry room re-do. It's the "Muffy Effect" - I'm convinced!

thorney said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of the new bathroom.

You sound a bit like me as when I get something in my mind I must do it now. My husband has been building me a new closet, in our bedroom, just for me and my clothes/shoes/handbags, etc. I get bursts of energy to begin organizing it and then it may not hit me again for another week. LOL

Laura A said...

Can't wait to see the new bathroom! My hubby is the painter around here - and he's like you - when he gets an idea he wants it done RIGHT NOW! (Thankfully he has the best sense of color - I did NOT get that gene!)

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Rhodes4Hm said...

Congrats! It sure feels good to look around and say "I did that!"

If you're interested, I am able to cut out jungle animals from vinyl you can put on the wall (and remove!) I'd be honored to do it for you! Just email me rhodesyahoo@comcast.net

Tracy said...

My husband painted our kitchen this weekend. It's green too, but more of a sage green. As for your wall art, I say dress up Jonah as the jungle animals and frame the pics!! You could find some costumes on sale after Halloween!

Claire said...

I love that kind of tired! Can't wait to see the finished place!


Adrienne said...

Super fun! I have the same Target jungle theme in our bathroom. I found some cute jungle prints on E-Bay for the wall. They were 8x10 size and bought mattes at Wal-Mart, painted them brown with craft paint and framed them. They look fantastic! I recently got a monkey bath mat at Target that is super cute as well.

Ellen said...

I've always gotten spurts like that too, but never had a name for them! Now I have a name for it!! lol

otherwise known as mom said...

Just an idea....I've done it in both of our kids' bathrooms....take the fuzzy rug that matches the bathroom (fish in one of ours and monkey in the other), get rigid poster board from a craft store and cut it slightly smaller than the rug but follow the outline of the rug, hot glue the rug to the board and mount to the wall simply by tapping a few nails through the rug into the wall. The fuzzy rug hides the nail heads and it stays up great. The cute rug then stays cute instead of getting trampled under foot plus you have matching wall decor without spending more money. If you are interested in seeing pictures, let me know!

I admire all you can accomplish in a day!!

Megan said...

I'm a bee-bonnet person too. Makes my husband furious to come home and find I've moved furniture or a TV, or something without his help.
WHO HAS TIME TO WAIT!?!?! I might lose my mojo ;o)

Jennifer said...

You gotta start warning people when your going to start having an "exciting" life! HA HA! I don't know if I am more blown away by the fact that you painted a bathroom, the frig door falling off or the play date with neighbors on the fall day! I just want you to know that life may be routine but it is never boring when kids are involved! Hang in there. Jennifer of Southeast, NC (where most of the tourists have gone home and we can finally have the beach back!)

Kerin Lee said...

I bet it's gorgeous! I can't wait to see photos!

Sara said...

Wow!! I need your bee :) It seems hard to get laundry done around here, much less anything else :\
Why was it hard to paint the red in your bedroom?? I have been wanting to paint our living room a deep red for so long, maybe I should rethink that?
Jonah is so cute, he is growing up right before our eyes! I am so glad to hear that he is doing better!
Sara K.

Maryellen said...

Love the way you explain that . . . I think that bee has been around . . . having been single until I was 45, I too have moved some heavy furniture, painted, hung things and you name it. I have several dear Uncles who were happy to help but you know about that bee ! hah
Now that I have a hubby, he will come home to find me pushing a dresser across the room. What are you doing? Why didn't you wait for me? hah Takes some getting use to I guess . . .

Laura said...

I can't wait to see pictures! I bet it looks great! My dinning room is sour apple green, I love green. I painted the dinning room back when I was 7 months pregnant, I also took the vow to never paint again!