Tuesday, September 21, 2010

computer troubles

This will be short because I'm typing on the Dell, and we're still having the text jumping issues and sporadic functionality of the letter "x."

I didn't think about it when my computer messed up, but Matt reminded me that I had dropped it in an attempt to plug it in the day before. We don't know what's wrong with it, but it's possible I've lost everything. Some of my photos are backed up on Shutterfly and Facebook, but not close to all of them. The person we got the computer from had loaded Photoshop CS3 on it, so it's possible we've lost that (and all of my Totally Rad Actions that I won at Jonah's EB Auction) too. I'm not panicking yet. I'll just wait and see what they say. 

Okay, I can't take this anymore. The cursor has jumped about twenty times since I started typing these three paragraphs. I feel like I've been a very uninteresting and mediocre blogger lately, so maybe you can consider this break a gift from me to you. Maybe I'll get inspired during my time off. And hopefully I'll have a computer to actually blog on here in a few days. Please be patient with me.

Jonah's doing well overall. His face, though, is banged up, and he took some skin off his chin in a 2 inch fall today. His lips  are our main issue. Between a couple of random blisters he got there last week and the spill he took over the weekend, they are both scabbed, constantly reopening and bleeding, and not able to heal. I LOVE that he's learning to cruise and take some (majorly) assisted steps, but it is a very scary time. I gasp about fifty times a day. And you can baby proof till you're blue in the face, but even rubbing, in a fall, against soft things is still rubbing. But I'm just so thankful for this milestone because I had no idea if he'd ever make it. I just pray for him, protection, resilience, and perseverance. I don't want him to get discouraged.

Okay, really can't take the jumpy cursor anymore. I'll catch you guys on the flip side.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I think a lot about the things we were never sure he'd get to do or experience, like his first birthday, crawling, walking ... and I have a feeling that we'll be saying the same thing on his wedding day. "Remember when he was 1 and we didn't know if he'd make it this far?" He AND the Lord are constant sources of surprise and amazing blessings. Love you all so much and hope the computer is totally recoverable. And not that it will make a huge difference, but you know I have HUNDREDS of pictures of you guys on my laptop, including beach trips, holidays and 1st birthday.

RLR said...

Hoping for the best with your laptop, your photos, and with Jonah's healing!

Laura A said...

Yikes - hope the computer is better soon! My Dell's J key is hanging by a thread and the cursor jumps like that too. How irritating!

Praying for sweet Jonah's lips to heal. SO glad he's cruising around!

Love from TX!

kg said...

Your hard drive maybe salvageable---check it out before you panic.
Otherwise,at least all the stuff you've posted on the blog is out there in space just waiting for you to pick it back up.
Thanks for sharing Jonah and yourself with us.

Sara said...

A lot of the time if you bring it to a good place (do not call Dell and talk to people that don't speak english). Seriously, don't. They'll just tell you to restore it back to factory settings. My friend repairs computers for a living and they have tricks that can get your stuff off your harddrive so don't worry about that!

I hope Little Jonut heals soon!

Anonymous said...

i was having "jumpy cursor" issues with my laptop and i disabled the touchpad and "pointer" button in the middle of the keyboard and plugged in a mouse....it solved my problem...if you have a touchpad, that may be it....(and mine is a dell too....may be a dell-related issue!)

Chris D. Hilton said...

I have dealt with many computer issues in my time, trust me, you haven't lost anything! This is not a hard drive issue. I only allow one company to touch any of my computers and so far they have saved five. One was Todd's which he had been told wasn't salvageable and purchased another himself. They got it back up for $150.00 although the hard drive had to be replaced. Lindsay is now using it every day. Check out Intrex at: http://www.intrex.com/ they have a store near Toy's R Us off of Silas Creek. Usually my cost is no more than $50.00. If it is under warranty YOU SHOULD CONTACT DELL! In the past Dell has sent someone to my home to do the repair under warranty. Otherwise only Intrex.

Madison said...

I've had computer issues, too. Hope it gets resolved soon!

Yay for Jonah taking some steps! That's awesome. I have cerebral palsy, so I know what a struggle that can be. I think you were featured on the Baby Be Blessed blog awhile back, but I never knew you had a blog. Nice to "meet" you!

Georgia said...

I also have a Dell and my cursor jumps too. Best Buy acted like I was totally making it all up when I told them but FINALLY...verification that I am NOT CRAZY! Thanks for that confirmation!