Thursday, July 8, 2010

more vacation photos

Here are a few photos from the last few days. Jonah has continued to enjoy the pool, especially when in his float. Unfortunately, during today's bandage change, we discovered a huge patch of missing skin (never saw a blister, just RAW) on his upper thigh. I'm fairly certain it's from being in only a swimmy diaper and shorts (instead of his bulky cloth diaper) and his leg bandages sliding down. That plus lots of maneuvering in and out of the pool/float and blister. Sucks. So I guess we're done with the pool for now. Not that I necessarily think it would happen again, but I'm afraid the water would hurt him tomorrow with a big raw spot on his leg.

Family Picture. (What? It was cold.)

Every year, we have a big birthday party for all the kids. We do $5 to $10 gifts and let all the kids open at one big party, instead of having to pay shipping to send gifts during the year. We have cake and sing, and the kids love it. (Here's Jonah at last year's party.) This was right before the party. Jonah, being WONDERFUL, like he's been this whole trip.

Coleman (just turned two) and Jonah. Coleman is the closest in age to Jonah. Jake and Gabe were born in April of 2008. Coleman was born in June of 2008 and Jonah in February of 2009. I love getting to watch Jake and Coleman, imagining Gabe at their age.

Last night was picture night. Matt's
Aunt Katherine calls this our annual "exercise in futility," but we all love looking at these (and often laughing like crazy) and watching how the kids change every year.
Jonah, far left, eating the sand off his hand while Coleman, far right, screams and tries to escape, highly unimpressed with the Silly Band with which we tried to bribe him.

Katherine had these adorable shirts made for all the kids. They are from
Smitten and Company.

All Coleman wanted to do was sit in this hole, so we just had all the kids sit with him.

The kids' favorite annual photo op.

First cousins. Jonah and Matt's sister's kids - Will, Grant, and Abby.

Katherine took some GREAT family photos of Matt, Jonah, and me, but we are having some technical difficulties getting them transferred to my computer. I hope to get them up in the next few days.

Can't believe it's Thursday already. Vacation weeks always go way too fast.


Cristi said...

Love that family photo! LOL Oh and sorry little man is done with the swimming. :(

Anonymous said...

Just for next time, swim diapers are only used to hold in poo. Pee in the pool happens all the time! Gross, huh? Anyways, it's perfectly fine to use a non-stuffed FB as a swim diaper. Maybe this will help and you guys can continue to enjoy the pool once his sore heals.

The Boob Nazi said...

awww, poor little guy.

Elizabeth said...

Shhh... don't tell anyone but Jonah is by far the cutest child in the bunch! :)

Stacy said...

Jonah is so sweet and cute :) The pictures are great ! Thanks for sharing !

A pair and a spare said...

It looks like it was a wonderful time for all! I'll have to say I LOVE the shirts, what a great idea. I'm sure you all are coming home with tons of great memories.

Meredith said...

It does my heart well to see these beautiful pictures of Jonah! I love seeing him doing 'normal' things, although I'm sure your workload increases expontially to do this.

Always praying..

creative gal said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES!! Sorry about the swimming!

Cyndi said...

Cutest pictures!!! He looks very happy and seems to love the water!!!

Aimee said...

Dear sweet, Patrice:
I am sorry to hear about having to cut the swimming short! From the pictures, it looks like baby Jonut is having a blast! Good to see him smiling with all his cousins...and in the sand:)
Enjoy the next 2 days and I will be in touch to bring his bib over next week.
Love, Aimee

Gail said...

Loved your family photo, ha! Sorry to hear Jonah developed a raw area after swimming...but he looked like he had a blast when he was in the water. I loved the picture of all the kids by the cute having them face the ocean and then turn around. The girl cousins are sure out-numbered by the boys! Safe travels back, and pray you had a restful and wonderful vacation.

Laura A said...

Hi Patrice!

We just got back from our annual trip to Memphis, so am just getting caught up myself. SO glad Jonah loved the pool - NOT so glad that he has a raw spot. Am praying for quick healing for that sweet man, and will also pray that all 3 of you enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

Love from TX!

Carson's Mom said...

Hi Patrice,
Carson has had those raw spots before and still got into the pool. He seems to tolerate the pool water very good (the bath water will sting, not the pool water). I was told by my docs in cincy that the chlorine will help those spots dry up and heal. So not sure if you want to put him in the pool still, but wanted to pass along our experience with it.
I am with you on the "missing out" part of normal stuff on beach vacations, but I like to think if their is a way to do it, us EB moms will figure it out and sacrafice time to care for our kiddos to make sure they get to experience the most out of life. Try not to think about the future so much. Enjoy the now and take one day at a time, it's the only way I can live with EB challenging our lives. Keeping you in prayers as you enjoy the rest of your well deserved vacation! God Blessed!
I am always nervous about spots like that too, but

Rachel E. said...

Jonah is so cute in his swim hat! And wow, those pictures came out great, and particularly for having so many little ones in them.

By the way, I just bought a black and gold Jonah magnet--now Hawaii will finally be on the list! :-D

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

I cannot tell you how much I lov, I mean LOVE the kids pictures on the beach! Oh wow! With 5 kids, years from now I imagine such wonderful times.....thank you for the inspiration!!

Laura said...

Love all the pictures! I really like the ones with all the kids on the beach! It looks like yall had a great time!

I know I do not comment much, but I read whenever I get a chance. I just wanted to say, a few summers ago, we bought one of those intex pools from Walmart. My youngest, Isaac EBDD I know no where near what Jonah goes though, but I had also heard the chlorine helped heal sores. But our little pool has been one of the greatest things. Its ours, so I know its just us swimming in it, and too, it makes getting to go outside and play so much easier. Isaac is 3 now, so he's at the age of wanting to be outside 24/7! I've never worried with a diaper or swim diaper in the pool, after we get out I figure he's pee'd in it, I just put a bag of shock in it and wait a day or so before getting back in.

Just thought I'd share our outside time with you. And, Isaac LOVES watching the video's and looking at the pictures of Jonah!!!