Monday, May 17, 2010

more of nothing

We had another good day today.

Matt's mom listened out for Jonah while he napped, so that Dr. Heather and I could have a nice lunch at The Olive Garden. (I should really not be allowed to watch food commercials... I'm very impressionable.) It was so great to see her and spend some real time with her. I love that lady.

Jonah got around 930 calories today (still happy with that) - three bottles (part by mouth, part by tube) and one meal by tube. He did eat an ounce of Yo Baby Peach Yogurt by mouth, and his protein supplement gets him an extra 36 calories a day. I feel REALLY good about giving him real food but certainly don't want him to become tube dependent. He's definitely eating less formula by mouth than he was before surgery, but hopefully that will just help us on our way to solids??? I don't know. I'm trying to make myself feel better. The frustration with Jonah is that he definitely has the ability to eat orally, and I don't think it hurts him most of the time. He just won't. I don't know. We have our rescheduled visit with Kid's Eat on June 7th. I'm very interested to see what they have to say.

No real crawling today. Mostly just rocking and teasing and whining in disgust. Sorry, no video.

Jonah earned himself a SECOND bumper pad today to go above his other one. I hated to have to add it, because now he's kind of in a little crib prison, but apparently, his new favorite pastime is shoving his feet (with unbandaged toes, mind you) through his crib bars... over and over and over again. I'm obviously worried about him blistering his toes and feet, and it's also waking him up. So little prison crib baby he shall be.

Tomorrow I get therapized (HOORAY!), and we have our appointment with the nutritionist. I'm excited to tell her about our blended diet endeavors (and my new three tab Excel spreadsheet... you know you like it), and get her input. I think she'll be able to help me out with the proportions of things - fats, proteins, carbs etc.

And here's a cute one from last week of Jonah playing in the floor in my room.

This is one of my favorite outfits. But he looks so grown up! His legs are looking so long these days. But he's still BABY Jonut. I guess it'll always be that way... even when he's thirty with kids of his own.


The Oxford Family said...

It probably won't make you feel any better at all but my 11 month old pretty much refuses all solids. He has no medical issues just not ready I guess. I hope things continue to get better for you and tomorrow goes well!

Laura A said...

Love Jonah's shirt - I think Jackson has one like it! Did you get it at Target? :O)

I know what you mean about Olive Garden commercials. They suck me in every time! (Plus I like their peach tea.) Sounds like you had fun!

...and yes, I LOVE the 3-tabbed spreadsheet! (It's the accountant/nerd in me - it can't be helped.)

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


Jennifer said...

I think things will come around in time. He needs exposure to foods (which you give him) but not pressure. He definitely likes to control a few things! I am SO glad that you are getting some support about it all from pros. That will help you with it. One huge step in the right directions. Remember the big picture of things. I can't believe how far he (and you!) have come in a year! Jennifer of Southeast, NC

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

boy he really does look grown up in that picture. and of course he looks great all around

happygeek said...

The extra bumpers don't make the crib into a prison, just a cozy, safe little playroom. What a lucky boy to have such a great mommy.

Sara said...

Sami (and Grace) use to shove their legs/feet through the crib bars. Both would freak out and wake themselves up because their thought their legs were stuck, but they weren't. but that earned Sami a big girl bed (with VERY long bed rails on both sides!) and Grace moved into the pack in play where she slept till she was too big and moved into a toddle bed.

As for the less drinking for formula, they are suppose to do that once they turn 1! I know, not such a good thing when they have EB, but at least it's a normal baby thing:)

I have heard of other EB mom's mixing the meat baby food jars in with g-tube feeds for extra calories!

Alison said...

My baby refused solids from 9 - 12 months. No medical issues, he just wouldn't let me feed him solids. Possibly, it was one thing he could definitely control. So, I just quit trying to frustrate him with spoon feeding. Once I was more relaxed he was too and recently (15 months) picked up eating.

Things will come around with Jonah and eating. Don't lose hope! But for now it sounds like the g-tube is just what you had hoped for in the beginning. I will pray that your days continue to be met with this "more of nothing". 930 calories is awesome!

Lots of love, Alison

Mary said...

not sure if it will help and i know you'll wanna to confirm with your nutritionist... but each gram of fat has 7 cals, and protein and carbs each have 4 cals per gram. :)

Mary said...

sorry... that should say 9 calories per gram of fat, i hit the wrong button :)

Mobachs said...

Just a word of encouragement.. when all three of my kids were ready for more solids they cut out ALOT of their bottles....but then it was still awhile till they at their solids well.... we are praying for you all!

LisaL said...

Hi Patrice! So glad that feeding has been going better! I wanted to pass on a suggestion about the crib in case the bumpers don't work or if he pushes them down... you can use pipe insulation (foam/soft type) on each rung. Yes it would take a lot, but it is soft and it decreases the space between the rungs so that hopefully he won't be able to get his foot in there. Once my kids were sitting up they would push down on the bumpers. With the pipe insulation they can't push them down. Some of the stuff comes with a tape piece attached and some is just slit the length of the foam. So awesome that he is getting to sitting on his own! Yeah Jonah!!