Sunday, May 23, 2010

a few pics from quinn's party

The sweet birthday girl, Quinn, with pink icing on her forehead. (Katie's photo)

Quinn and Jonah eating Quinn's Mickey Mouse Maracas. (Katie's photo)

Jonah (screaming) and Quinn (being a perfect angel). How dare I put him down???

Deciding it might be okay after all... notice the tears on his cheek.

A recovered Jonah. (It did not last.)

More Jonah and Quinn - playing with (but mostly eating) blocks.

It would appear he is sharing this block. In reality, he is stealing it.

Quinn really is sharing.

Rory - Quinn's beautiful big sister.

Sweet (but not acting so sweet) Jonah.

I was so, so glad we went to Quinn's party. But Jonah barely napped at all on the way, and he fussed A LOT. We don't get out that much, and he's used to it mostly being just me and him, so he has a hard time with change sometimes. He did okay, but I was just thankful that it was at Katie and Nathan's house and not a public place. He's really getting to an age where he seems to have more anxiety about new places and people. It was great to see Katie, Nathan and the girls, and it was TOTALLY worth it.
Happy First Birthday, Sweet Quinn. So glad we got to spend it with you.


The Boob Nazi said...

hahaha the screaming picture was amazing.

Janel said...

Where are the CAKE PICS!!! You know I have to see cake pics! haha!

Rachelle said...

It seems like bdeabies never act sweet when they're "playing" with other babies, at least mine never do! Eli has the same shirt Jonah was wearing. I love it. He is so cute. Glad you all were able to get out to the party.

Rachelle said...

oops... babies not "bdeabies" whatever those are!

Maryellen said...

Lovin' those little shoes.
So darn cute !
Go Jonah you GQ Man !

Jaci said...

Oh my goodness, look at his sweet curls in the last picture! Adorable! I've been reading your blog since Jonah was born so forgive me if you've already addressed this. But I was wondering if/when you will start leaving his arms and legs and torso unwrapped. I figure when he's old enough to know to be careful. Poor guy probably gets so hot!

SmittyAndColey said...

I love his little shoes! They make him look like such a big boy. How's that going, by the way - the shoes and the toes??

Katie said...

You are a nut. He was fine and everyone here would concur. :) I'm really glad you came and one way or another, I'll make to you in the next couple of weeks.

Oh, Janel - I think you would be seriously underwhelmed by my cake making skills. :) I tagged Patrice in a pic of the cake so you can see it since you guys are friends on fb. Just don't laugh at me. :P

Laura A said...

What sweet pictures of both of them! Glad you were able to go.

Kids go through the strangest phases, don't they! Ashleigh (my 4 year old) is by far our most dramatic child. She went through an "I hate tall men" phase which included both her uncles and her grandfather. Now she's in an "I hate old people" phase. Which wouldn't be so bad except she expresses her "hatred" by screaming hysterically. The tall men could take it, but I worry about the old people (esp. my 96-year old grandmother!) She might send them over the edge!

All that to say that by the time Jonah gets over this phase, he'll surprise you with a new one! :)

Praying as always for that sweet boy - and for you and Matt, too!


Kim M said...

Loving big boy Jonah out socializing and wearing shoes! Patrice, I remember thinking "I love this stage best" with both of my little ones. It never gets old when they learn new things. So glad to hear his nutrition is going well - you go girl!!

Meesh in MO said...

I love his little shoes and the screaming picture! He looks SO much like you Patrice! Matt must love this as he gets to see your sweet face twice as much, or Jonah's twice as much. However you look at it. ;)

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Jonah wasn't stealing the block,he was pulling it out of Quinn's mouth so she would not choke(you got to always think positive) ha...

Great pictures, glad you had a great weekend & Jonah got to play with someone his own age.

The shoes are awesome..makes Jonah look like a "boy" not a baby...I loved the one that he was screaming in also, when Jonah gets where he can talk, you are in Trouble...

Love & prayers

Gilda said...

Awww!!!I loved all the pictures so adorable I am glad you all were able to get out and enjoy the birthday party. Jonah looks so big from the side angle of him in that last pic of you and him. His growing up mamma:( but still so sweet.

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

I just love those last two pictures of Jonah, and You & Jonah. I've missed his crazy eyes expression. He is getting SO BIG!