Tuesday, April 13, 2010

prayer request for tripp

Jonah had a good day today. He ate well and except for the traumatic event that is being put into his highchair, he's been in a decent mood.

I'm not going to type much tonight. It was Girls' Night (WOOHOO!), and I got home later, and well, how can you really expect me to come up with a good post when I'm trying to watch Glee? A girl has her limits.

I just wanted to ask for prayers for Tripp. Tomorrow he's getting tubes in his ears, and they're also going to check his eye and either take out or change his contact. Thankfully he won't have to be intubated (since he already has the trach), but any procedure can have its complications when EB is involved. I know Courtney would really appreciate any prayers.

Happy Glee and Lost Night!
(Can you believe they're on at the same time??? TRAVESTY.)


the-mommy-person said...

Praying for Tripp and you guys, of course! God bless you more and more!

thorney said...

Prayers fo Tripp.

I had class tonight so I had GLEE on the DVR and I'll watch it tomorrow, when I should be studying the theory of Torts or Litigation, or some such things about the Law.

Debbie,mother of two said...

I am sorry to hear about the G-tube but I am hoping this will take one thing off your plate. Praying that everything goes well for the surgery and that the Lord gives you peace about your decision. I know what you are saying about the peace that God gives you. I had a moment that I just needed that and it made me cry because of the overwhelming feeling that I felt with God's presence. Praying for you and your family. Also, Tripp.