Saturday, March 20, 2010

a lot of nothing

I'm starting this post with really nothing to say, but didn't want to be overly delinquent on my posting. No pictures tonight though. I have some on my camera but no energy to get them off, edit, and post them.

It has been a great few days, and I have loved having Matt home from work. If you haven't followed my tweets, Matt took off Thursday and Friday, so we are three days into our four day weekend. It has been awesome.

I've spent the last few days working on my latest Shutterfly photo book. This one will be free to me, as a sweet blog reader and friend of my SIL offered me her free one for being part of their annual membership program. Pretty wonderful huh? Anyway, they take me forever because I'm going back and editing the photos (upping the saturation a tiny bit, brightening them, and smoothing them out), then I upload them to Shutterfly (which often freezes), then I reorder them and create the photo book (modifying what they automatically put together for me). Anyway, it takes a long time but is very worth it. I do not do well at ordering and framing photos but take a ridiculous number, so this is my way to choose my favorites and print them. I LOVE the book option, as most prints end up in a drawer in the living room rather than in a frame. I usually do three months at a time. So far I've done Jonah's birth - March 2009, April - June 2009, and September-October 2009. I have to go back and do July - September 2009 and December - February 2010. I may just do December and January and give his birthday its own book. I haven't decided yet. Are you asleep yet? I'm boring myself.

We had some special visitors today, but I'm saving that for another post with photos. Pretty cool though.

Jonah is doing well. So he's still refusing solids, but today he ate a baby sized portion of the delicious chicken stew from Miller's on Main, my friend Gina's restaurant. He gobbled that stuff up. He refused the chunks but was devouring the broth (and I snuck in some Duocal to beef it up a little). I told Jonah if he would choose something he liked (ice cream, banana pudding... whatever), he could have it every day. So I guess I'll have to stock up on Chicken Stew. No complaints here.

He refused to take a nap today so was pretty fussy tonight. He went down quick though. Tomorrow is a special recommitment service at church, and I really hope we get to go. As part of the worship/celebration, they are doing Cardboard Testimonies with a video intro featuring Matt, Jonah, and me. We had the option of doing it live, but I can't say for 100% certainty we'll be able to make it, so we opted for pre-recording. We usually go to the 11:00 service, but tomorrow's joint service will be at 10:00 which makes it tricky to get dressing change done and Jonah fed and let him sleep a little before we have to leave. But we're planning on waking him up early and hoping for the best. I REALLY want to go, so I'm praying it works out. I think it will be a really special service, and I would hate to miss it.

Matt was sick with a very sore throat and congestion last week. I started getting sick on Thursday night but with lots of Airborne, zinc tablets, and prayer was miraculously healed by Friday night. Matt's lasted from last Monday night until last Saturday, and he still has a bad cough. Now if Jonah just stays healthy... I'm trying not to freak out about the possibility that he'll get sick. Eating would be out of the question.

We're playing on the computer as we watch Wake vs. Kentucky, because frankly, it's painful. I was not expecting them to win but was really hoping it wouldn't be a blowout. So much for that. Ugly, I tell ya.

Alright, I guess that's it for tonight. Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Happy Spring! I'm so glad it's finally arrived.


Bess said...

So let's recap: Jonah loves sweet tea and chicken stew...You've got a budding foodie on your hands- no yucky baby food for him!

Glad you're having sweet family time!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Try Chick-fil-A sauce! One of my readers spoiled it for me and told me it's 4 points (200 calories) a tub. And by "spoiled it for me," I mean "I'm totally still eating three of them at a time."

jenlar3 said...

First, not at all bored by you blogging about your photo books. I have been wanting to try them, but am a bit intimidated. However if YOU can do it... hahaha

Sorry about Wake Forest too. My team is KU Jayhawks, and I'm sure you have heard how our game ended :( Worst part is, we are visiting my daughter and staying with her in-laws in IOWA...:( Watching TV tonight was very rough on my emotions :( But I still love my Jayhawks!! Better luck for both our teams next year!

And high-five for Jonah liking the chicken stew!!

Hope you have a great Sunday and make it to church and all! The Cardboard Testimonies are very moving!

Gina Miller said...

OK if my sweet baby J, likes my Chicken Stew. I will be sure that he always has a supply on hand ! WOW waht a great day at Pinedale and SOOOOOO glad you were there! Love ya Gee Gee

creative gal said...

We did the cardboard testimonies at our church- very powerful!

Just Diane said...

I hope you were able to make it today! Are you going to post a video of the cardboard testimonies? They are so powerful. I love to watch them. I need to suggest we do that at my church. I think I will.

Also prayers for no more sickness. I had wondered what you guys do about sicknesses in the house with Jonah. I know for us just one getting sick is almost a sure bet that everyone will get it.

Take care.