Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the giggles

This will be super short. It literally just took us an hour and a half to get Jonah in bed. He had drunk his entire bottle and was asleep in Matt's arms, and PUKED everywhere... literally, like all over the carpet. And then he was very awake and not at all interested in going back to sleep. Then I got him asleep thirty minutes later, put him in bed, and boom - awake. Then I got him back to sleep, and tried to lay him down. Boom. Awake again. Then Matt tried and finally got him settled down. Shwoo.

There was a really sweet moment when I was getting him back to sleep the first time. It's kind of my fault that it took so long, because he finally settled down, closed his eyes, and then he started talking himself to sleep. "Moooo ahhhh ba ba heeeey." I felt the giggles welling up inside of me. "Heeeyy ohhhhhh maaaa da." I couldn't stop them; I burst out laughing and his eyes popped open. And he just broke in to the biggest grin I've ever seen. We just smiled at each other, I laughed harder, he started laughing. It was great. And tiring because it got him pretty riled up. My bad. Sometimes you just can't help it when you get the giggles.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Sorry (again) for no pictures. I went to take some today, and the battery to my camera was dead.

On a different note, Matt's trying to get connected with a human being on the phone with Verizon to help him get a ringback tone (it's not working like it should), and he keeps yelling, "Ringback tone! Ringback Tone! RingBACK TONE!" to the automated machine. Ahhh. I think I feel the giggles coming on again.

... Maybe I'm just overly tired.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that Katie has some details and basic info up on the auction site now. You can see it here. And you can email her at jonahsebauction (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions or an item to donate. Are you getting excited???


Heather Allen said...

Since we live in the south those automated things can not understand our accent half the time! Yeah for fun times with the monkey!

Katie said...

I hate ringback tones. There. I said it.

Laura A said...

YAY auction!

...and I completely understand about the giggles. Sometimes it just can't be helped! Glad you and sweet Jonah were able to share a laugh.

Here's to smiley dreams and hoping he stays asleep all night!


Me, the boys and a Farm... said...

That is too funny...I think I wouldn't have been able to control myself either. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Janel Waters said...

Just wait until Jonah is older and does something bad but totally funny and you have to punish him while trying NOT to laugh - its really really really hard.

Frankly almost everything that M get in trouble for I think it hilarious! Maybe I have a warped sense of humor!

Heidi said...

Yeah for the giggles. You know, laughter is the BEST medicine. That is one of the moments you will remember for a long time. Even maybe during one of the ceasing gushers! I love looking at Jonah and hearing your stories. You are amazing parents and I credit your patience!

WendyBee said...

What a precious moment it is to have the giggles together. Those times are sooooo important. It's good times like that that get you through the tough times.

Him and Her said...

Did matt figure out the phone stuff???, my sister works for verizon, i can have her help matt if he still needs it!

Nora Lee said...

What a sweet post! Just watching sweet Jonah giggle, now that is cute!

Melissa said...

What a precious, giggly moment between you and Jonah. Some things are priceless, indeed.

The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

I live in Mississippi by way of Alabama so I have a southern accent and those things hate us. The other day I was trying to order circus tickets and I wanted in a certain spot so I called instead of ordering them online. They don't like it when you call because those humans that work there get paid to do something besides take calls. It kept saying "i'm sorry I did not quite understand you, let's try this again" and finally I just yelled "I want to talk to a human being" and no lie that machine said "ok please hold I'll connect you to someone now". I guess it's only set up to register the words human or something or I don't know. But I thought it odd that "it" couldn't understand "Birmingham, Alabama" but could understand "human being" so yeah, good luck Matt!