Sunday, December 20, 2009

our weekend (without pictures)

We've had an alright weekend. Jonah did a lot of spitting up and had one gusher yesterday, but he ate 26 ounces overall.

My mom watched Jonah for several hours and Matt and I were able to go out yesterday afternoon. We saw The Blind Side and then went to eat at Ham's. We were going to go out on Friday night but decided to wait until Saturday afternoon because of the snow.

Kathryn and Sarah are going to watch him tonight, and we are going to the Wake vs. NC State basketball game. Matt's dad got us season tickets as an early Christmas present, but we haven't been able to get to many because of needing to get Jonah in bed. I'm trying hard to release some control and let other people watch him more. It's not that I don't trust other people. It's just that I know how challenging feeding him is, and I don't really want other people to have to deal with that. But they assure me they don't mind, so I'm trying to let go. And when he's gushing like he was, me not being here is just not an option. Hopefully no gushers tonight. It went well with Mom yesterday. He saved his gusher just for me. :)

This was my status last night: Just took a long bath. Now I smell like pretty flowers... much better than the baby vomit I've been covered in all day. MUCH better. Yep, that's right, friends... a very vomitous day. He may or may not have puked in my face, in my hair, and down my neck. I couldn't rightly say. Generally, he's doing better on the Soy and eating more of it, but we're getting some Peptamen Jr into the pharmacy that his Pediatrician wants us to try. It is a whey based formula, but has no lactose. I don't know if I'll try it right away or just stay on the Soy for now since he seems to be doing better. I may do half and half and see how that goes. I haven't decided yet. The Peptamen does come in vanilla so that may make him like it better. He sure did like the bottles with Pediasure better.

I gotta run. We need to set up for tomorrow's dressing change and get some other chores done before we leave. Oh... I did try some Dora yogurt this morning and gave him a few bites of the soft part of my Crescent Roll, and he definitely seemed more interested than he was two months ago. I really need to go to the grocery store. We have plenty of pureed baby food in a jar, but not much on the side of soft, solid big people foods he could eat. Ugh... so much to do so little time. Channeling my inward Scarlett O'Hara... I can't think about that today. I'll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.


Wanda Wilkinson said...

Have fun--hope Wake wins the b'ball game..Glad you are able to get out some & enjoy some one on one with Matt. Know that Jonah is being spoiled even more (if possible).

Will keep praying for the eating to get better & the puking to stop..Jonah just has to keep you on your toes.

Hope you have a wonderful week. Praying for an awesome & blessed Christmas for you & family.

Love, Wanda

Susan and Melissa said...

Hi Patrice, I found your blog awhile ago and also live in NC. I check in on Jonah often, he's a beautiful baby. Just wanted to mention that my one year old LOVES pancakes. I puree all kinds of vegetables and put them right in the batter and he scarfs them down without butter or syrup or anything. You could add flax or protein powder even to up the nutritional content for Jonah. Just in case you wanted a new idea for trying out solids.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Erin said...

hope ya'll have a fun night..enjoy deserve it girl! much love and blessings from ga~erin

Katie said...

I hope that you had a blast tonight. And I love you for calling it Dora yogurt. You SO could have just said yogurt, but you didn't. It makes me feel more normal for calling it Dora yogurt. (Although, should I really be using you as the marker for normality...?) Nathan actually laughed out loud when he read that you called it Dora yogurt. :) Rory also loves "bunny yogurt" (the Trix kind). It's got lots of funky flavors. Funny side note - Rory almost fell out of the cart when we were going down the cereal isle and realized the bunny had his own cereal, too. Her little head just couldn't take it all in.

Wow. This was a long rambling comment. Are you taking care of my crafty bag? I miss my pliers.

Joanie said...

Glad you got to get out of the house and to see the Deacs win!
Definitely experiment with different things on the solids, but I wouldn't stock up on soft finger foods until you see how he does with a little of it. My guys have been eating pureed food well for 2 months but still gag on tiny pieces of bananas and pears. They usually do okay on Gerber Puffs, but one of mine gags at least once a day on those. I just don't want you to buy a bunch and have it go to waste. I'm so glad Jonah's expressing more interest in eating now though!

jenlar3 said...

Sometimes babies eat better for others than they do for their mothers.

Hope you have an especially Merry Christmas!

Katey said...

I'm not sure if you can get them here but in england we have rusks.

Like cookies that are good for babies.

They are hard and give them some big people food to hold on to and when they put them in there mouth they go really soft so its safe for them to eat.

I think they are called farley's rusks.

Ray said...

Hey!!! Deacs won baby! Haha my sis was in the demonstration at halftime

Amy said...

Didn't you love the movie, The Blind Side?" Just wanted you to know that even though we don't know each other, I love reading your blog and hearing about little Jonah.

It's good that you are letting others help care for Jonah so you and your husband can get out and spend time together. I know when I offer to do something for someone and I tell them "it's not a problem," I mean it or I wouldn't offer to help. I'm sure your friends and family are the same way.

Callie said...

I would recommend trying the peptamen. it is an elemental formula meaning the proteins and such in the formula are already broken down making it easier to digest. If he tolerates it they also make a Peptamen jr 1.5 which has more calories in each can. It is an expensive formula... you might try calling an infusion company (apria ( or optioncare ( or to see if you could get a better price or if your insurance would cover it, maybe they already are.... both apria and optioncare provide supplies and such for tube feedings... also if he starts eating more solids, you could try benecalorie. It's a calorie supplement that comes in a little tub for 330 calories per 1.5oz. Good luck.

Rebecca CA said...

Hi. a really great soft food i always gave my babies was the rotisserie chickens. they are usually very soft and tasty and were a very easy food for the beginning,

You are doing an amazing job have a wonderful holiday season

Katie said...

Good first foods on my list...
cheerios, mac and cheese, toast with butter, baked potato..

I've found that the babies want what we are eating, so maybe give him bites off your fork/spoon. Cheerios will help him with that pincer grip.

Kirsten said...

I'm so glad that you guys are getting to go out and do stuff a bit more!! Good for you! You really need to have grown-up time, it honestly helps you be a better mommy.

the*4*of*us said...

i'm glad you guys are able to get out!!! i'm sure you come home feeling a bit refreshed!
my little guy loves, loves Yobaby yogurt! and mashed potatoes!

Sarah said...

My son does really well on the peptamen jr. Even though it is whey based it is much like nutramagin where the proteins have been broken down, so they are far less apt to react to it. It also has MCT oil that is an easy digestable fat (unlike pediasure). So it moves through there tummy faster....which makes puke less apt to happen.