Friday, November 27, 2009

nine months today

Hello World!

Today I turned nine months old. Pretty cool, huh? I have a pretty bad boo boo lip today. So since you guys are so great at praying, Mommy says it would be really wonderful if you could throw in a few for that too.

Mommy told me that today I have been as long out of the belly as I was in the belly. I don't really remember belly time, but my nine months here have been pretty great.

I currently weigh 18 pounds and 13 ounces. Mommy's not sure how long I am, but she says I sure seem long. She's actually getting a little worried because I'm outgrowing my bouncy chair and I can't sit up completely on my own yet. She says I better hurry it up already. I just looked at her real cute as if to say, "Mommy, do you still think you actually call the shots around here?" Mommy is so proud of the way I've been eating lately (except for yesterday when I only ate 14 ounces... YIKES!) and my weight gain. Last week Mom started giving me Carnation Good Start formula mixed with Vanilla Pediasure, and man, oh man, that stuff is SO much better than stinky Alimentum. Mommy doesn't even mind when I spit up now, because it just smells like I put on some vanilla perfume. Ahem, cologne, I mean. And most of the time we can actually call them "spit-ups" because although I have a round of gushers every now and then, it only seems to happen every seven to ten days now. Mom is so happy, and I agree. It hurts my throat to throw up like that. I'm doing much better now.

My favorite sounds to make are nigh-nigh, ma-ma, da-da (even though I don't know what they mean yet), a growling sound, kind of a hacking sound (I can't really explain it), and I LOVE to blow raspberries. I stick my tongue out and slobber big time. Mom and Dad think it's really funny, but then Mommy gets slightly irritated because I soak the front of my outfit. I've also started to yell and scream in delight, and I love the sound of my high-pitched squeal. That's right, I'm officially a screamer.

I am all smiles and laughs these days. See?

Unless I'm tired or The Big People are trying to feed me while I'm awake (the nerve), I rarely cry. I love to play, and I've started bobbing up and down, and if Mom helps me sit on my knees, I like to rock back and forth. I can roll over from my back to tummy now, although I still get my arm stuck a lot. And I've taken my arm flapping and leg kicking to a whole new level these last couple weeks. Mommy and Daddy thought I was so funny at the surgeon's appointment the other day because I was lying on the examination table on the roll of paper they pull over the bed, and I just kicked LIKE CRAZY because I loved the sound of the paper rustling. When sombody's holding me upright, I flap and kick so much, it looks like I'm trying to run across the room. And I love to kick my legs in my bath water, soak up lots of water in my feet bandages (I still get bathed with my limbs wrapped), and then I put my foot up on mom's behind while she's sitting on the edge of the tub bathing me. I soak her whole bum. I think it's so funny.

I'm averaging around 25 to 30 ounces of formula these days but I'm still not interested in solids. Although I do show interest in what The Big People are eating, I don't want more than about three little tastes. And don't even think about putting something pureed on a spoon anywhere near my face. I'll tell you where you can stick your puree, you little... ahem.

My favorite toys are my wonder pets my Aunt Katherine sent me (I especially love Tuck), my "Ears Hang Low" dog, my pinwheel The Big People use to distract me during dressing change, my crinkly elephant, and my little stuffed football with a handle on it. My favorite song to calm me down is "I Come to the Garden Alone," but I think it's really funny when Dad sings, "It's Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S." Come on, folks. Can't a kid get a little "Wheels on the Bus" once in a while? I love when Mommy reads me books, and my favorite number is 12. Just kidding about that last part. I don't even know what a number is, although Mom says I'm number one.

I'm really great at picking up and shaking things, and Mommy and Daddy think I'm starting to throw/drop things on purpose these last couple days. I am super interested in watching my hand do a waving open and close sort of motion, although I'm not associating it with "Hi" or "Bye" yet.
I love patting things and especially people, although the patting is quickly becoming slapping. I love touching hands and faces and reaching up to touch The Big People, especially my Daddy.
I love getting kisses, zerberts, and when Mommy eats my ears, face, and neck.
I'm starting to really laugh a lot more these days at that kind of stuff. Mommy kept me laughing a long time on the way to Granny and Grandaddy's by going, "Ma-Ma-Ma-DADDY" or "Da-Da-Da-MOMMY" in the car. See how she switched it up on me at the last minute? Hi-Larious.

Anyway, I'm doing just great these days, and God is really blessing me with mostly clear skin (except for my hands, face, and occasional spotty blisters), and a bigger appetite. So far I've avoided a g-tube, and Mom and Dad hope we can keep it that way! I wouldn't mind staying out of the hospital myself. Man, I don't need no stinkin g-tube. I'll tell you where you can stick your... ahem.

Mom and Dad love me so much and are enjoying all my firsts I've had lately. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and they're starting to talk about something they call Christmas. Mommy said something about a fat guy in a red suit, big socks on the mantle and lots and lots of presents. She also said something about great food that I should try, but all I heard at that point was wah-wah-wah.

God is taking such good care of me, and Mommy and Daddy say He loves me so much. All I know is that I'm loved A LOT by LOTS of people, and Mom says that's only a little bit compared to how God loves me. I don't really believe that I could be loved anymore, but Mom says it's true. She says that so many people are praying for me, and everyday she can see that God is answering those prayers. I'm so blessed. I can't wait to spend WAY more time out of the belly. It seems like a pretty rockin' place to be. It's bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Enough of all this. I have the sudden urge to play with my Daddy. Catch you guys on the flip side.


Jessica said...

Happy Nine months Jonah! I just turned 7 months and my mom says you are super cool. Praying for that lip that looks like it hurts.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
Peace out.
{and Caleb's mommy}

Laryssa said...

Yay, Jonah, on your nine month birthday!! You are doing so great and looking so handsome. I think your mommy's going to have to watch out for da ladies soon!!

Laura A said...

Happy 9 months, Jonah!! Will pray that your sweet lip heals quickly. Hope you and your mommy and daddy have a great rest of the weekend!

Love from TX!

Tricia said...

Happy 9 months Jonah! That is such a milestone! I am still praying for you. God bless you and your family.

Ellen said...

Happy 9 month Birthday Jonah!!!
I'm glad to hear you are eating better! You ought to try that puree food!! yum!! Your getting so big and more handsome each month if that's possible! You really are one special little boy!

Kelli said...

Thank Jonah for sharing with us how you're doing!!! You are a cutie patootie!!! I'm glad you really seem to like the new formula and you keep on eating!! We pray for you all the time. By the way, I don't think you could get any cuter. Your mom and dad are kinda cute too!!!

brandie said...

First off, happy 9 months Mr. Jonah! You're lookin handsome as ever ;) and secondly, check out mama's haircut! Cuuuu-ute!

Janel Waters said...

Happy 9 months Jonah! You are looking SO handsome these days and so grown up!

Ya know, shortly after this great holiday Christmas you have a HUGE day coming up!! Its called your 1st Birthday... you need to have your mommy call me so we can design you the biggest best Birthday cake EVER!

You keep on eatin kid and stay outta that yucky hospital!

Janel :)

rameelin said...

Nine months, huh? Pretty amazing! He's so handsome and healthy looking! And you, mama, are GORGEOUS in these pictures with your little man. Everyone looks great and I am always reading and praying. God bless you guys!

Janet said...

Happy nine months, Jonah! Your smile is just adorable! Glad you're smiling more and more lately! Take care, little guy. We're praying for your lip to heal super-fast!


Jessica said...

love the pictures and "his" comments!! where is his outfit from? it is just adorable!!!
keep eating and growing strong Jonah!

Barbara said...

Happy Nine Months, Jonah! I have loved reading your mommy's blog and being Blessed by her love for you [well, your daddy's love for you, too, he just doesn't write! :)] You are such a cutie and I cannot wait to see all that God will do with your life. The first nine months have been so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! I've already been praying for Jonah's lip situation. I'm hoping to hear some really positive news on that front soon! It's great to hear about all of the positive things going on with Jonah right now. He is such a little cutie!


Mandi @ It's come to this said...

LOVE those adorable little smiles!!! Happy 9 months to Jonah & your family!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I love his outfit in these pictures. He is so adorable!

Analiza said...

Happy 9 months Jonah!!!

You've grown into such a beautiful little guy!

We'll be praying for quick healing of your little blisters. Stay cute and ever so lovable.

Erin said...

Love it :)
He is so handsome!

LeeAnn said...

Dear Jonah,

Happy 9 month birthday! I think you are SO cute (shh...don't tell our mommies!). You sure look like a fun guy. Can't wait to visit you sometime soon, maybe after all the craziness of the holidays.

P.S. My mommy says she loves your mommy's new haircut!


Bridgesfam said...

So happy to hear Jonah is eating better and doing well. What a cutie!

Courtney Roth said...

Happy 9 Months little Buddy!!
Hope you had a good thanksgiving! I tried to text your Mommy to tell you guys Happy Thanksgiving but it wouldn't go through!
You are looking more and more grown up every day! And boy are you handsome! I'm glad thing seem like they are getting a little better for you.. you deserve it. Must be all those prayers. We love you and are praying for you daily!
Courtney, Randy and Tripp Roth

Lari said...

Happy 9 months Jonah! You are such a cutie and have a great sense of humor! We're praying that your lip heals up quickly and that you keep eating well and growing big and strong. Tell your mommy and daddy to keep up the good job they're doing with you.

boltefamily said...

happy nine months sweet boy!

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Happy 9 months old Jonah dude! I just turned 15 months, and man, if you think you are having fun now, just wait til you get a little bit older! I've got my parents wrapped around my little finger, too, but I don't think you need any pointers in that department! It's so fun being the center of the universe!

I'll be praying for your lip boo boo to get better. Man, you are really missing out on solid food. It's super yummy! You should just skip that puree stuff & go straight to the good stuff like turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, and my favorite - anything from Sonic! I had a lemon berry fruit slush yesterday, and man was I wired!

Tell your mom her new haircut is rocking!

Catch ya later, yo!
Camden aka The Littlest Lobo

MelArcile said...

Hey Jonah. My name is Grayson. I'm just a little bit older than you (I'm 15 months old), but I totally think we could be great friends. I don't blame you for hating that pureed junk - I didn't like it either. I only wanted the big people food, and my mommy just waited a little bit longer and started giving me that instead. It totally worked for me. I'm glad that you are feeling better and eating better. I hope you had a great first Thanksgiving.
(As transcribed by his mommy-blogger)

Carol said...

hAPPY 9 months birthday! You look awesome! I am glad you can be up and rolling and smiling and laughing. Thank your mama and daddy often as you grow. They take such good care of you! Carol

ashpuck said...

Sweet! Way to go Jonah.

Rebecca said...

Happy 9 months Jonah - I'm so glad to 'know' you and honored to pray for you!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Happy Thanksgiving & HAPPY 9 months you sweet handsome, adorable boy.

Love & prayers

Our Family said...

Oh How beautiful!! I have been checking in on you guys but haven't commented since Jonah was very little. He's doing so GREAT, and I'm happy to see you guys holding him and him growing and being so happy and absolutely precious! What a big boy!!!
So glad to see God at work in your lives.
Much love, enjoyed catching up,
Daisy (Alabama)

Sandy said...

My goodness, what a handsome boy you are! I'm so happy that you are HAPPY, that you are LAUGHING, that you are EATING Jonah. You are one special boy. Thank you for blessing my life.

Love, kisses and prayers,
Sandy in King, NC

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I love these monthly letters you (ahem, Jonah) write. They're always so sweet and silly!

I love that you referenced "Ears Hang Low"-- that was one of my favorite silly songs growing up, and hardly anyone else seems to know it!


momnananelson said...

Patrice, the pictures are beautiful, Love your haircut by the way :). But I have a favorite picture out of this new post...
the one of Jonah looking up at his fathers face smiling is very very special...that is a picture that says ALOT! The love is shining through.
Jonah, wanna know a lil' secret? are a blessing to me.;)
Love & Prayers Always,


Lindsey Sowers said...

Your hair looks great!!!! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Love!

Lisa said...

Look at all the sweet HAIR!! Happy 9 mo birthday Mr. Jonah. Praying for your lip boo boo along with all the other prayers I have for you and Mommy.

The Rileys said...

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Thanks and have a great week.

brittany mills said...

Happy birthday baby :) Patrice, your hair looks AWESOME!!

Island Jack's Travel said...

Congratulations on your 9 month birthday Jonah! I'm glad you like your new formula. One of these days you are going to discover just how good that solid food is before your Mom knows it. Pizza here you come!

LucieP said...

seriously the cutest post!
Happy 9 months sweet baby boy! You are beautiful!

Amy Genn said...

Just found my way to your blog today from I Heart Faces.

I've enjoyed getting to know your story. Blessings to you all.

This is a wonderful post! Just wanted to let you know...
Mom to Eli who has CP....and he has a g-tube....and it's really NOT all that bad! :)
He is 4 years old, only weighs 22 pounds. Very underweight, but fairly healthy anyway. Only eats about 20 oz of formula (via g-tube) a day!!! and he's still alive! Hang in there! Jonah will do OK as he learns to eat more...