Sunday, October 11, 2009

our sunday

Update: We got Jonah down last night at 8:40. I got up to feed him at 3:45 (I must have turned off my alarm clock). He did not make a peep from the time he went down to the time I got him up. And he didn't wake up while I was feeding him. I didn't change his diaper or anything, just got him out and started feeding him, and he slept through the whole thing. AND took four and a half ounces! I put him right back in bed (about 25 minutes later), and he STILL didn't even stir. He slept until 7:30 this morning, but just hung out in his crib talking to his mobile until I got him about twenty minutes later. Ahhhhh. He's such a sweet boy. Month seven is definitely my favorite so far!

We did not make it to church today. Again. It's always so hard to go places in the mornings. Jonah is always approaching his 24th hour with old bandages, and frankly, he's usually pretty nasty by that time. You know, in a cute way. His bandages were kind of bloody and messed up, and he spit up a couple times, so he wasn't smelling the greatest. Don't tell him I told you.

Anyway he desperately needed a dressing change, so change we did.

But next week, we are soooo there. Maybe.

Today was a very frustrating day on the eating front. He slept through the night last night, (hooray?), so that meant we were down a feeding. And we spent the whole day trying to force feed him. So tonight I have set my clock for 3 am. I'd rather get up with him once and get in a few extra ounces than have to fight all day to make it up. And because he slept through the night, he was up for the day at 6:55am. Hopefully he'll sleep in a little later tomorrow.

I was aching to get out of the house before Matt has to go back to work tomorrow, so tonight we went here...

I like The Loop, but I haven't really found my "thing" there. It's all just okay to me. But it's nice because it's fairly close to our house (right in front of the Target!), and it's fast food that's not fast food. The reason we went, though, is because they have outdoor seating. I love outdoor seating because I feel like Jonah is more entertained outside, I'm not as scared of germs in the open air, and it seems like we get fewer stares. That may just be in my head, but it makes me feel like we're not such a target.

Jonah wasn't in much of a smiley mood, so please excuse his unamused expression.

Sorry for his demonic look in this one. I hate my flash (it really washes him out and makes his boo-boos look extremely red and a lot worse than they look in person) . And I'm not so good with the photo editing yet. I adjusted the color in this photo, but couldn't figure out how to take all that brightness off of Jonah's face. I only know how to adjust the entire photo, not parts. I'm just learning how to use Photoshop Elements, and although I know how to correct color and tone, I still can't figure out how to fix isolated areas in a photo. Sorry for that long explanation. I know you don't really care. So back to the point - Daddy and Jonah waiting on dinner.

And here's an up close one of Jonah. Seriously, it's not as severe as it looks. His lips are pretty bad right now though. They open up and start bleeding again almost every time he eats. They take a long time to heal. (Focus on the forehead, people. Doesn't it look awesome???)

And the best part of going out to dinner...
THE FOOD! (I bought it from scratch.)
I got the Spicy Barbecue Chicken Sandwich.
And Matt got a pizza (with leftovers - but less than you would think - for lunch tomorrow).

I was happy to get out tonight, but am really dreading Matt having to go back to work tomorrow. I really miss him when he's not around, and everything seems so much harder when he's not here. I know I have (and am so incredibly thankful for) SO much help, but no matter who comes or how much help I get, nobody is Matt. There's something about having the one person you know who completely, 100% understands exactly how you feel right by your side... makes it seem so much more bearable.
He's my rock.
(My rock who may or may not have his pizza for lunch tomorrow... all depends on how I feel after Jonah's 3am feeding. I may have to raid the fridge.)


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys were able to get out today. I'm sure you know that the El Maguey on Walkertown Rd. also has outdoor seating. That would be my choice ANY day. Jonah needs to start cultivating his taste for the best guacamole around. ¡Delicioso!

Wishing you a good week!

Mindy said...

Have you tried putting your camera on no flash instead of auto. I assume you have a point and shoot type camera. Your pictures will be much more natural looking without a flash but you need to have good lighting -- like outside it should work. Practice first before you are shooting an "important" photo. If you have too low light and your subject moves, your photo may be blurry just practice and see. Glad you got out the house!

Rebekah said...

Oh course you know that we could care less if he was bleeding or all washed out. We are completely in love with Jonah and we love him no matter what he looks like. :)

Anonymous said...

So happy you were all able to get out and that the weather is better for outings with Jonah now too. That sweet little guy has the most expressive and gorgeous eyes! You can tell he's a happy little guy and that he knows he is loved by his mommy, daddy and all his blog followers! ; )

Mooresville, NC

Anonymous said...

Sorry about church, but glad to hear you got some time out. I love eating outside! I live in WI so we have such a short time that eating outside is a feasible option. You're still looking fabulously thin, so I definitely think you should hijack Matt's pizza! And what you said about Matt is so sweet. Praise God for such a great husband!


Jess and Krissy said...

Poor little angel baby. I hate that he hurts. His forehead DOES look awesome, though! Yay for little blessings! And I kinda think the demonic picture is fun. As long as he doesn't start bursting things into flames with that look, yall are good. :)

Lorraine-bo said...

Crummy that you are in this time right now where it just doesn't work out to go be with your church family. It is good to read that you were able to get out today for a bit with your 2 guys

Plenty of us could care less about the "quality" of the pictures - we just love seeing precious Jonah. It's fun when you & Matt are in some pictures, too

This is my prayer for your week:

Almighty Lord,
I praise You for Patrice's willingness to bless others by sharing her heart and her Jonah.
Lord Jesus, would You bring healing to Jonah's body, specifically his lips, tongue, throat, and gastro-intestinal tract so that he would be able to consume the amount of nutrients needed for him to grow and to keep his immune system strong. God, I praise You for the ways that You have increased Jonah's growth and weight when it seemed humanly impossible. Help Matt & Patrice continue to rest on Your promise to never abandon the works of Your own Hands.
Lastly, Lord, would You send Your Holy Spirit to be Patrice's comfort, rest, and peace when Matt is away for work. Lord, please continue to send family and friends to step in during the day and thank You for those who have done so.
Please pour out Your tender mercies on this dear family. I bring them to the foot of Your Throne, God, through the blood of Jesus! Amen.

Erin said...

Jonah is such a cutie.
I'm trying to figure out Elements too. If only it came with, um, some instructions. That would be mildly helpful.
Hope you get out of the house a little more this week!

Jennifer said...

hey there,

I promise not to tell Jonah you said that....I'm good at that, you know :)

I really hope the feeding front gets better. It's awesome that he is still putting on weight!! That's God's hands at work, right there :)

I can help you with the photo editing...I can TRY to explain it through typing, but it may be difficult. I could try to make a video or something....

If you are interested, you can e-mail me :)


Anonymous said...

Stop apologizing for you photos....Jonah is cute as ever....
Maybe he is not eating so well because it hurts to open his mouth with the blisters on them. Poor baby. I know how I used to worry so much about my little man not eating but you have a whole other host of issues to worry about why he is not eating....My heart aches for you and I am still thinking a lot about your last post. It has really made me think, think and think some more. Seeing you with Jonah in those pictures...despite all you have to go through, the stress, anxiety, worry and lack of still look soooooo happy. I can see it in your eyes. You are such a great mom!

Glad you got out of the house and got to at least look at Target!

Hugs and prayers!...not necessarily in that order!

queenmari said...

so glad you were able to get out today, and you dinner looks delicious--that sandwich might just have me eating meat :)

Have you tried turning off your flash? that should help. Have you ever looked at PioneerWomen? Her blog is fabulous--she has a cooking section and a photo section where she basically teaches every thing there is to know about editing a photo. I love her! Her name is Ree Drummond, and her blog is certainly worth looking at, and you'll tons of good ideas for taking pictures, plus she has a lot of great giveaways (like a kitchenaid mixer, and cameras.) Check her out.

Blessings, Mari

Mimmy said...

Nobody loves Jonah any more or any better than you and Matt. Nobody knows Jonah any better than you and Matt. Nobody loves and knows you any better than Matt and Jonah is learning. Nobody loves and knows Matt any better than you and Jonah is learning. This means that for this family to reach optimum productivity the three of you MUST be together. Do I have this about right.

I love your writing girl. You write just like you were sitting across a table sharing a cup of tea with us. It's phenomenal.

Have a wonderful week and I love you to Heaven and back,

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

I'm starting to see so much of you and Matt in Jonah-- I think he's a perfect mix of you both!

As for the Loop, have you tried their gorgonzola walnut salad with chicken? It's to die for. Also, I love dipping their fries into a cup of tomato bisque... been doing that since college!

Tricia said...

Glad the middle of the night feeding went so well. Praying for you and your sweet boy. God bless.

Anonymous said...

YOU look fantastic! You are a natural beauty...
So glad the early morning feeding went well!!!
Jonah's expressions always crack me up!

Layla- Miss CanAm said...

Love the pictures :)

As for the editing- try using the "lasso" tool- and lasso his face which will isolate it from the rest of the picture and then you can edit and adjust the coloring without affecting the rest of the photo- hope that helps!

Naff News said...

I know that Kernersville Loop...and the Target :)

We don't comment a lot, but we continually pray for your sweet Jonah (and for you & Matt!). (& we're always hoping we run into you somewhere :)

Katie Naff

Courtney said...

hang in bout going on a walk in the neighborhood? a nature walk is always entertaining for both the mamas and the babies. sometimes reading in the park while baby naps feels nice...just bring starbucks. :) or sweet tea.

Mom 2 my boys said...

No matter the camera, you Jonah is gorgeous!

I love your posts, always make me laugh. Wish you were closer, I bet we would be good friends. As a Mom to a child with special needs myself, I know how important laughter and friends are.

Have you read "A special mother"? Pop over to my blog, its worth the read. I hope.

SuziQCat said...

I don't know if you like fish or not, but the cajun grilled fish sandwich at the loop is pretty tasty. Just be sure to get the dill mayo, instead of that vinegrette they give sometimes. It makes all the difference!

Glad to hear that Jonah is doing better about getting out and about.

The Nikkels said...

I did the "dream feed" with my son forever! It really works! Great pictures and glad to hear Jonah slept better. The days always seem brighter when you get some sleep. Praying!

Kristen said...

Yummy! I LOVE The Loop! That was the first place we took our little darling since it is so family oriented! Have you tried their burgers? Good stuff!

jenlar3 said...

Glad Jonah slept well for you last night. Wanted to share a thought, when babies are fed in the middle of the night, they are taken from their warm bed, cuddled in warm arms and then put back in a bed that is now cold. What if you put a heating pad (on low) in the bed while you are feeding him, then REMOVE it when you put him back in bed? Especially with winter coming, might make it easier for him to stay comfortable and cozy enough to stay/fall back asleep.

Anyway, glad you all had a restful night!

Meg said...

Yay for sleep! Maybe he is in the midst of outgrowing the beloved (or not) reflux??? I hear 7 months is an average time for that! I hope so! :)

This is me.. said...

Yay for 4 oz's, and that forehead of his looks fantastic! Wishing you another 4 oz's tonight.
Steph in CA.

the Klimeks said...

Your pictures of Jonah are always beautiful, but if you are looking for an easy way to edit your pictures, try using of the features are free, and you can do some amazing things with your photos! If you have some spare time sometime (maybe during a Jonut nap?!?!), upload a picture to picnik and just play with the features. I can even take my photos and make them look great! :-)

Hope the night sleeping (and eating) continues to go well!