Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i knew i shouldn't have blogged about it

Jonah did not take a nap at all yesterday and has only slept for 35 minutes today.

He's also had a huge gusher three days in a row now.

I knew I shouldn't have blogged about it.


Anonymous said...

I totally hear you. Been having major deals w/ potty training my 3 1/2 year old. (#2 in case you were curious) Had some luck--2 weeks w/ out an accident, so I announced at MOPS that we were officially potty trained...that VERY AFTERNOON an accident. Next 2 days accidents...lesson learned.

Sabrina said...

So sorry Patrice. My son hasn't been napping well this week. I was fretting about not getting a "break" today so I let him cry for twenty minutes in his pack n play (I know this isn't something you are even able to attempt) but it didn't work, I just felt horrible and grabbed him and held him, thankful he still loves me. He fell asleep in seconds and now I can't bear to put him down. Sometimes I think He is telling me I am wishing for the wrong kind of break, I am so glad He reminds me!

I am not sure why I just told you all of that, your days are much longer than mine so I am not comparing at all.

Virigina said...

Why is it that every time a mom tries to brag on their kid, the kid then stops doing the great thing that was bragged about?!!! This has happened so many times to me as a mom. You're not alone! Things will eventually get better with his napping and reflux problems. It will one day be just a memory believe it or not.

Valerie said...

Why do they always have to go and prove us wrong?!? I hope it gets better. Naps are such a good refresher, and I know you need that.

Sorry also about the gushers. Have the doctors said anything about it looking like he's spitting up more than he is? I know when my daughter had acid reflux/spit up ALL the time, they said since the formula mixes with stomach juices & saliva, it looks worse than it actually is. Hopefully he's keeping more of the nutritious stuff down than it looks like. Prayers that it gets better so you can get out & about more.....equalling a more tired baby perhaps?

Claire said...

Oh sweetie, I'm sorry. Praying for naps and rest soon.


KK said...

Sorry! I o know what you mean!

jandswood said...

I have never posted on your blog Patrice but, wanted to let you know I am praying for little Jonah and the family. I love to come and read your blog and pray for him (and you) every day. I am sorry today was so rough. I will be praying tomorrow is smoother. Oh, and I must add that I loved the fair pictures!! :) I can't believe how BIG Jonah is getting!! such a handsom kid! Thanks for sharing with us!

Penny said...

I always go, "oh no, I just said that out loud." Satan always makes a liar out of us when we brag.
Sorry he's back to gushing and not sleeping. My little grandson (almost 8 months) is back to 2AM feedings. Must be a growth spurt--- the little chunk. We can't keep him in clothes. =)

Mimmy said...

Patrice, I've said most of my life that kids will make a liar out of you every time. If you say they don't do something that's exactly what they turn right around and do, and if you say they do something, they never, ever do it again. Just hang in there, and, as to all of the baby "stuff" you just have to live with it until Jonah is big enough to put it away on his own and then you will still have to live with it until you can teach him to pick it up. Then you'll still have to live with it because he'll forget or some other reason until he leaves home for good and then you'll still have to live with it because they never, ever take everything with them when they leave home. So, it's either have kids and have stuff or have no kids and live a very lonely life. Since I know how very much you love Jonah, all of the stuff really doesn't bother you it's just that every once in a while we all want a bit of what we think is quiet normalcy. Hang in there kiddo. You're doing a great job and I love the way your house looks.

God Bless,

queenmari said...

I am so sorry Patrice. It's always inevitable isn't it? To a much much much smaller degree, we have been trying to potty train our small dog and I know as soon as I begin to get excited that he finally gets it, and pee's on the big blue pad and doesn't stand on the edge and pee off of it, there he goes. Pees all over the floor. Everywhere. Then he gets excited and pees on our bed. It's as if by getting excited they suddenly feel the need to remind us who is in control. Who is in charge :)

I will be praying that Jonah quickly falls back into sleeping and on a regular schedule.

Blessings, Mari