Saturday, August 15, 2009

spanish - lesson one

Today has been a little better. Jonah took about 26 ounces, although it was more like 22 after a huge Niagra Falls tonight. We had to redress his chest piece and both arms. And now, he's smelly. He'll be the smelly kid at church. Sigh. That's the worst part of the huge throw-ups to me - not the redressing (although that's pretty crappy), but it's the fact that I can't just go throw him in the tub and get him smelling all "baby smell" again. He's either smelling like Aquaphor or drainage or spit-up most of the time. But so it goes. And it's so funny how even if it's not the greatest smell, it's still the Jonah smell, and that makes it wonderful...

But enough about all that.

Grandaddy was doing a little better today last I heard, but I didn't get a chance to call Matt's mom tonight like I wanted. I went to the grocery store while Matt and his dad looked after Jonah, and when I got home it was pretty much non-stop from then until now. But thank you so much for your prayers. We hope he'll snap out of all this, but it's just hard to know. He is off pain meds (besides Tylenol) now, so hopefully he'll continue to improve. He'll move into the nursing home on Monday. Hopefully his time there will be short-lived.

So I've decided to teach you guys Spanish. I miss teaching (I can't believe I just said that), and I need to teach something to someone, so guess what? You're IT. Deal with it. (Yes, that's how I talked to my high schoolers.)

Lesson 1 -

Hola is pronounced O-lah, not Holla as some are accustomed to saying.
As in, "Hola, Amigo." Not as in, "Holla at your girl."

To say "My name is," you say, "Me llamo (pronounced: may yah-moe) ___________."
Not: Me llamo es ________________
"Me llamo" literally translates "I call myself" or "I am called," so if you say, "Me llamo es Susan," you've just said "I am called Is Susan." First name: Is; Last name: Susan.

Take this video clip, for example.

And lastly (but certainly not leastly), the restaurant Chipotle.

Being from the south, I understand that there are certain accents and linguistic tendencies that make this a tricky word, but if I might, I would love to tell you the correct way to pronounce this restaurant (which coincidentally has the best burrito bowl around... crazy that they are owned by McDonald's).

Chipotle is NOT pronounced Chee-poe-tuhl.

Chipotle is NOT pronounced Chi-pole-tee.

Chipotle is NOT pronounced Chi-pot-lee.

It is pronounced Chee-pote-lay.

So there you have it, folks. You can say Hello, My name is, and can pronounce Chipotle correctly... pretty much THE three most important things in the Spanish language.

Now don't you just feel accomplished? You got to learn. I got to teach. Now we should all be able to sleep just a little more soundly, dontcha think?

Let me know if there's something you'd like to learn (Spanish-wise that is... don't ask me about geography or geometry or well, pretty much any other subject. High school was a long time ago, and I've forgotten most of the useless crap very important, relevant, and necessary information that was imparted to me there. But Spanish - ahhh, sweet Spanish. Spanish I know.)

Buenas noches estudiantes míos. Que duerman bien.


Angela said...

Hola Patrice. Me llamo Angela. Muchas gracias para la clase de espanol. It's been a long time...many years have passed since I last took Spanish in high school. And I would love to tell you just how much I enjoy reading your blog and reading all about sweet, precious Jonah in Spanish.....But lets just say my skills need some serious brushing up. So keep it up with the lessons =)

So happy to hear you had a better day with Jonah. I'll be sure to keep the prayers coming your way. Be blessed!

Sara Jo said...

Sra. Blythe would be so proud! When you get finished teaching Spanish 5, are you going to take everyone to Kyoto?

Anonymous said...

Donde es el bano, por favor?

Three years of high school Spanish and one semester of college Spanish and this is about it. BUT, HIGHLY important I can tell you! LOVED the lesson! I needed the pronunciation one very much so! Glad to hear things are a bit better. Each of my kids has their own smell and it ain't always so pretty to the nose! HA HA! Jennifer in Southeast, NC

Anonymous said...

Well, good to know! I always thought it was Me llama es ______. I only took 2 years of Spanish in high school and most of it didn't stick with me. My husband and I are going to Mexico in just over a month (can't wait...first trip since having kids 4 years ago!) and I'm wondering what would be a good phrase to know. Last time we were there I was pregnant and I wanted to explain to everyone that I was pregnant, and that's why I sometimes had to jump up in the middle of dinner to run to the bathroom (to throw up), or why I sometimes freaked out if I did not get a basket of bread STAT at dinner to help calm my tummy. Anyway, I've been praying for Jonah and Grandaddy today. I think what you said about Jonah's smell was so sweet. You are so right! Even if he doesn't have that sweet baby smell all the time, it doesn't matter. He smells like Jonah, and to you that is the sweetest smell ever!


Kathryn said...

Bwahahahaha! I love your blog even more now that you have included just a small tidbit of Family Guy!!!
My son was a seriously a was awful. Yet, that nasty sour spit up always smelled SO good to me, it smelled like my baby--my sweet stinky baby...funny huh? But I know you already understand...
Me llamo Kathryn :)

shaina said...

i just had a wonderful idea! how about you just teach me the important stuff, like spanish, that you learn in high school so i don't actually have to go there and learn all the useless crap nobody cares about. you know, since you have sooo much free time. k?

in return i will help you with dressing changes every single day. that's a pretty sweet deal. just think about it.


Rebecca said...

Hi Patrice...I follow your blog and pray for Jonah. (and for you and your husband, of course)
Couldn't resist on the spanish theme:
I'm from the South and am always saying, "I'm fixing to go to the store". I was taught in language school that this translates to "estoy para ir a la tienda". So you can say "fixin' to" no matter what! "esta para" is the key phrase there. Fun!

Lynnette said...

1. My husband always sniffs our 20-month-old's head and says, "You smell like my baby!" Now our 4-year-old sniffs her head and also tells her, "You smell just like my baby!" My favorite was always the sweet milky breath smell for the first few months! Isn't it great how God made our kids smell good to us!
2. Loved the video clip!
3. Shoot. I was going to say you forgot the muy importante: Donde esta el bano? But someone else already mentioned it.
4. I'm starting to feel like I'm stalking you commenting on your blog so often... :)

Paula71 said...

My name is Paula and I am glad you are teaching us Spanish. I pray for you all. I am looking forward to the next lesson.

Mi nombre es Paula y me alegro de que nos están enseñando español. Rezo por todos ustedes. Estoy esperando con interés la próxima lección.

Anonymous said...

Me llamo Dana!! still praying for Jonah in MS--you ask for it, and I'll pray for it--I think, if you could ask God, my prayer after your post last night probably sounded more like begging!

As for Spanish -- how do you correctly write/say "I love you" in Spanish? My computer seems to translate it differently every time and ... well... since you are the resident expert...?

Penny said...

I wish you lived in our neck of the woods. (Southeast Louisiana) Our Spanish teachers here, stink! My child needs a better one. You'd think they'd be good, we are closer to Mexico than most states, outside of Texas.
Anyway, our 2 yr. old granddaughter was a spitter and never smelled like a normal baby for more than 15 min. Soy spitup is the worst!

Courtney said...

Hey great idea about the spanish lessons. I also love Chipoltle kind of bummed to know the ownership details... I'm glad to hear about Jonah doing better and I was wondering if you guys are going to start him out the right way by teaching him two languages? You are so lucky to have this option. Keep up the great blog!

Suzy said...

You do have the most wonderful writing style, both English & Spanish! And a refreshing outlook on life......
as always, praying for Jonah..

Katie said...

I've been lurking for a while and just had to comment tonight. I'm a college student working HARD on a Spanish minor. I loved your Spanish lesson. If only those were the only three things you needed to know!

Cathy said...

Muchas gracias, mi professora. Te amo Jonah y tu familia. Me gusto su bloggo. (LOL) Me llamo Catalina. Hasta luego!

There. My only problem is that I can only speak in the present tense. Never could master those past perfects and stuff. That's a great lesson someday!

Laura said...

Patrice, you see, I'm from Texas, so we say things a bit different down here-
Olaa, may llamo Laura. Yo keyero una Chip-oat-lay.

PS- Isn't ChickFilA sauce the bomb? I've started getting two packs, using one and bringing the other one home for a treat with nuggets another day. Pathetic, I know.

Shana said...

Alright Patrice...with your sense of humor, which is a lot like mine. How on earth did you not address the obvious? Do you know how many of us Southerners will be pronouncing 'llamo'? I can hear it now (enter voice of Larry the cable guy) "Hola, Me llamo ___" Except it comes out as "Hola, Me Lame-O" bawhaha! Oh, I got myself tickled! Just to clarify, it is pronounced "meh yah-mow." And before I get ridiculed (which I know Patrice is giggling) I'm from Alabama so I can make fun if I want, I'm allowed, lol! Oh me! =0)

jardinera linda said...

Awww Patrice, this is funny: my blog's last post was titled "english lessons, part 1: numbers", can you believe that???

Ha ha ha! If your or any of your blog readers want to practice reading, you are welcome to visit my blog!

if you enjoy gardening, dogs and kids, that is!

Hasta mañana!

that's if they

Feris said...

Hola Patrice! Me encanta cuando escribes en español, porque yo soy de Mexico y es mucho mas facil entender asi jajaja. Rezo siempre por tu bebe, que por cierto esta precioso!

Anonymous said...

No Mi Mcdonald's

Mcdonald's no longer owns it sorry :(

Maythi said...

Patrice, Que chistosa eres. Yo soy de la Republica Dominicana y estudie en Wake Forest y nunca regrese a mi pais. Leo tu blog todos los dias y de ves en cuando dejo un comnetario :) Hoy, no pude resistir dejarte un comentario en espanol (sorry, i have no idea how to make the squiggly line for the n on the computer). Disfrute tu leccion en como decir hola, me llamo, y chipotle. En Winston, las personas me vuelven loca diciendo Buena Vista...maybe that can be part of the next lesson :) Buena (no a lo "Winston-Salem) suerte ensenando el espanol a todos tus lectores. As a native Spanish speaker, I am highly impressed by your skills! :)

Maythi said...

and sorry for all my typos, i have a squirmy one year old on my lap as i type!

Emma said...

Hola, Patrice!! Muchas gracias para la leccion en español! As a former Spanish teacher (taught elementary Spanish for 8 years) who is now staying home with our three little boys, I miss it!! I'll be looking forward to your lessons!! Glad Jonah had a better day! We'll continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the Spanish lessons! I learned in High School and lost it all. Now my job (logistics exec) take me to the border, Mexico, and Central America a lot and I need to brush up! It gets harder and harder as I get older.

I enjoy reading your blog, and now I can rationalize as "educational".


Anonymous said...

Hola Patrice! First time commenting here...but LOVE your blog and Baby Jonah? well, he's is just the sweetest! Had to comment on the Spanish lesson...loved it! My son just started 9th grade this year and is taking his first Spanish class....I am calling him down now!:) He'll probably get hooked like I am! --- Prayers continue from Georgia!

Kirsten said...

patrice you are too cute. love the spanish lesson.

Jennifer T. said...

Ah que FUN, a Spanish lesson!

Quiero probar la comida de Chipotle la proxima vez que estoy en los EEUU....

Anonymous said...

Weston will be taking Spanish this year. Are you "on call" in case he needs help?

Dana Z.

Lauren said...

gracias por la leccion de espanol!

actually, i'm having more fun seeing if i understand the comments from the native Spanish speakers. I did pretty well with Maythi's comment. And i also don't know how to do the tilde on my keyboard.

can that be your next lesson?

Stacey said...

I absolutely LOVE your sense of humor. I'm a 2nd grade teacher and I know the basics (correct pronunciation too), but when I don't have a translator for Back to School Night I simply cringe. However, I make it through and my students' parents appear (key word: appear) to understand. Hey, I've got a great idea...Maybe you can travel to Southern California every August???

acctaylor said...

I just love your blog. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad. Both of you are really great parents. And you can always tell how much you love your boys. Thanks again for your wonderful blog

mary said...

I only took "dead languages" in high school and college, and I really really want my children to learn Spanish -- I'd love for them to know Spanish fluently, but I worry that there's no hope for them to be truly bilingual with both parents being English-only speakers. I stress way too much about the fact that my oldest child is turning 6 in a few weeks, and I still haven't started Spanish with him! So, please encourage me that you can start after the age of 6 and still achieve fluency -- or at least comfort level? :-) You are an inspiration on MANY levels!!! :-)

Amy said...

I liked the spanish lesson. I took it in high school and some in college. I love listening to people butcher the language mother in law is the worst when trying to pronounce quesadilla (chips) and Jose Cuervo (tequila). I love reading your blog and watching your son grow! He's such a cutie. I found your blog link on either Kelly's Korner, My Charming Kids or maybe Confessions of a CF Husband. I know of a couple children in my area who have the same skin disorder as your little guy so have seen first hand all the extra care needed for a child who has EB. You are doing a wonderful job with your son!

Lorraine-bo said...

Sweet! thanks for the lesson! er um gracias! I loved Spanish in HS, but that's been over a decade ago!

sorry to hear about the niagra falls incident ... praying it's better today!

Amanda said...

Baby smell is overrated anyway. The smell I miss most from the days when mine were little is the smell I call "dirty baby." It's the way they smelled at 3AM a mix of old lotion, spit up, and wet diapers. Ok, I know that sounds gross, but when I was quietly rocking a child to sleep in the middle of the night, it was the smell of peace.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm partial to "Donde esta el bano?"


nancygrayce said...

Thank you! My grandchildren are half Mexican and so speak Spanish fluently, almost exclusively at home. I have not been able to pick it up no matter how hard....well, I haven't tried that hard, but I love the way you teach! Please continue! I'll surprise the kids next time they're here!!!

Anonymous said...

De verdad me has impresionado favorablemente con tu español, es de verdad muy bueno. Y eso detalles que diste son muy impotantes, y a la mayoria de las personas que estan aprendiendo el idioma se les pasa!
Mi esposo no habla español, pero es que nunca hablo español. Vivo en Canada en un lugar de poco latinos, pero adoro mi idioma!
Y hablado como los locos (expresion venezolanisima!) que es chiclote?

Cambiando de tema, estoy orando diariamente por tu precioso bebe y por tus fuerzas para manejar su condicion. Se que el Señor esta alli a tu lado, ayudandolos con los cambios de vendajes, con los unguentos, las ampollas. El esta alli, presente con ustedes. Es de alli que provienen tus fuerzas. Amen!

Que Dios los bendiga!

P.S que bueno hacer un comentario en un blog en español. Es mucho mas facil para mi que en ingles!

Anonymous said...

To write "ñ" or "Ñ" hold the ALT key and pres 164 and 165 (CAPS)
I hope it helps!
I don't know how to do it on a laptop though

ALT 160 -á
ALT 161 -ó
ALT 163 -ú
ALT - é

I am missing the "i". I could not find it!

Kristen said...

Love the Spanish lessons. I'll have to use these with my two year old who taught herself how to count to 10 in Spanish (And perhaps Dora helped.) Sigh. I would like to take credit, but the little genius saw it one time one Dora and now she knows. :) Maybe I should let her read your blog and let her teach me.

JD said...

Hola! Me llamo JD.

I'm fluently bilingual (English/French), but I am trying to learn a little bit of Spanish. We sponsor 3 girls in Honduras through Compassion International, and I hope to pick up enough Spanish to have a basic conversation with them.

We're planning to move to SoCal in the next year or so, I'm sure we'll be picking up lots of Spanish there. God willing, our children will be trilingual, at least!

Thanks for the lovely lesson!

How do you say "We're praying for you and your family!" ?