Thursday, July 9, 2009

williams suffers scrabble defeat

Matt and I have spent the last couple of days mostly indoors. Matt was playing Frisbee on the beach on Tuesday and blistered the bottom of his feet pretty badly (I know, I know), so we've kind of been lying low. I mean, seriously, when sand would be a major problem for 2/3 of your family unit, it's really just best to stay inside. But I haven't minded. I can read looking out the window just as well as I can read sitting on the beach.

Speaking of reading, I finished "My Sister's Keeper," and I didn't shed a tear. Is that weird? I actually felt nothing. I kind of thought the ending was a little abrupt and obvious. Am I a cold-hearted snake or what? (Or maybe there's just enough drama in my own life that fake drama doesn't do a whole lot for me... Marley and Me, on the other hand, made me cry like a baby... after all, it was a true story.)

I have been taking Jonah out on the beach the last couple evenings when the wind dies down, and he seems to really like it. I mean, he's not out there smiling and laughing (something he hasn't done a whole lot of this week), but it's calmed him down when he's been fussy.

If the rain holds off, we're heading outdoors here in a little bit for a family shoot that Katherine is going to do for us. I'm excited, as it will be our first "real" family pictures. If it starts raining, we'll probably just do it tomorrow night.

Here is a news story I ran across yesterday...

On Wednesday, there was an epic Scrabble battle played on the hardwood (table). People came from all around (nobody at all was there) to witness the arduous challenge at hand. Player one, AJ Schwartz, challenged P. Williams, player two, to the match after word was spread that she, in fact, can rock the house (when she has decent letters) at Scrabble.

Yesterday, however, was not that day.

Play began defensively as Williams, with great skill, blocked off the whole top right-hand corner of the board. And although Schwartz was quoted as saying, "Defense wins championships," this theory was tested and disproved by Williams, who succumbed to defeat by a score of 307 to 206.

Williams was offered an assist by her husband, M. Williams, after she attempted to spell bagel b-a-g-l-e to her utter embarrassment. Although her play started out strong, things went down hill quickly for the twenty-something Scrabble not-so-pro.

Williams was known to take entirely too long for each turn (because she didn't have a doggone thing to play), while Schwartz proceeded to amuse himself by creating words and phrases on his tile holder. Contrary to popular belief, poopy was not had by both players, as Williams attested that she was seated the entire time, except for brief moments when she left the table to care for her son. Schwartz, on the other hand, provided no comment.

Schwartz played the game valiantly with his self-proclaimed combination of both "strength and honor" (whatever the crap that means). Although there were moments it appeared Williams might make a comeback, Schwartz proved more than once that he was the better man (because Williams, after all, is a woman).

To Williams' complete dismay, Schwartz continued to play high-point words while simultaneously blocking possible offensive thrusts using the letters "c" and "k" at the most inopportune (or opportune depending on what perspective) moments.

Williams also found herself stuck with the "q" (dagblastit) and kept it for half the game falling one letter short of the words "quote," "quilt," and "queen" at various points throughout the game.

Upon winning, Schwartz commented that he would like "to give all credit to Bulldog nation for his stellar education and ability to spell three letter words." He also gave credit to Williams (sort of) by saying, "To be the champion, you have to beat the champion." Williams was humiliated, but has agreed to a rematch coming Thanksgiving 2009 (or before if a certain someone (ahem, Jonah) will allow it). The nail-biting rematch is rumored to be a Pay-per-view event, coming soon to a webcast (but not really) near you.


truelifeofjess said...

I play scrabble on my phone and love it. MY husband thinks I am a dork. Lol. Next time use can use the "q" by making such words as "qi" and "qua". Wierd I know that. Glad you are enjoying your vacation!!

Anonymous said...

did you know "my sister's keeper" was based on a true story? although i think you're right, after all you have been through, a story would have to be incredibly moving.
so glad you're having a nice time, even if you are sitting inside, at least it is a change of scenery :)
enjoy the rest of your time there. hope the family picture is a go!

Anonymous said...

karen in clemmons

Jenni said...

I read my sister's keeper also and didn't care for it. The ending just didn't fit. I read another one of her books and it was pretty much the same too. I won't be reading anymore of her writings.

Jonah is cute. Hope the photo shoot works out for you.

Tara said...

I have to say that I also did not shed a tear when reading "my sister's keeper" which is strange for me because everything makes me cry.
I love the "news story" about your scrabble game, that was great.

Sarah Crump said...

hey, mom said she couldn't see your blog. and she said gaye tried and she couldn't see it either.

Lynnette said...

Your news story was great! I love how it was written like a real newstory (with your witty additions, of course).
I'm having problems viewing your blog also. It doesn't load, just the background. But the links are still there (invisible) so I scroll over the page until I find the link to the post title, then I can view it after clicking on that.

queenmari said...

i love scrabble!! i even love playing with my rocket scientist husband who thinks he can out do me every time, but he can't.

i think that after all you've been through the book just wasn't "it" for you. you have your own life with gabe and jonah. i couldn't even finish the book, it didn't do it for me as i tried to read it while my husband was in chemo. itook up knitting to get through the 14 hour fridays that lasted for 5 years.

i too loved marley and me. maybe it was the animal story and not people that did it for us?

prayers for a continued safe and fun filled family vacation.

love, mari

Elissa said...

i stalk your blog often, but don't comment much. i saw the pic of "my sister's keeper" in your recent post. i read it (without crying) and then saw the film (without crying). i LOVE Jodi Picoult, but the movie was FAR different than the book which bothered me. they always are. so glad you are able to have a vacation!! i pray for you often!!

michelle said...

that's awesome. my hubby and I love a mean throw down game of scrabble.

Anonymous said...

You are 2 funny.
What would this world be with out the ability to laugh? I truly believe God has a sense of humor and blesses MOST with the ability to see it.
Truly feel sorry for those that can't/won't realize what a gift it truly is.
Life should be enjoyed and the Williams family exibits that in the worst of times there is always something to smile about(no matter how deep you have to go to find it). Jonah will inherit that from you!!!:)
love and prayers always,

Karla said...

Great and funny post! I'm so happy you all are having a good time at the beach. Jonah is so adorable!

dragonflyz in June said...

I was warned that when I watch "marley & me" that I will need a box of kleenex, so I have not yet mustered up the courage to watch it...

I have heard good things about "my sisters' keeper" and my cousin is about to lend me the book. You said the ending was obvious, but was the book good? A good story? Well written?

I am glad that you are all having a wonderful holiday, the pictures of Jonah's first time at the beach are adorable. What a handsome little man he is! I am looking forward to taking my little Jonah (born Jan 15) to his first time at the beach, but it has been unseasonable cool lately. God bless.

Crystal Gauthier

jenlar3 said...

I love Jodi Picoult books. If I am not in an 'emotional' mood, then I never cry no matter how sad the story.

Love the pics of Jonah at the beach!

Fisher Family said...

Look up how to play speed scrabble. so fun. and faster than a regular game of scrabble.

Penny said...

Love the news story! When I click on the name of your blog, on my sidebar, nothing comes up but the cork board. But when I click on the title of the post, on my sidebar, it comes right up. Probably some crazy Blogger malfunction!
Hope your photo shoot goes well tomorrow! Glad you're enjoying your trip. If anyone deserves a vacation--- it's you and Matt. =)

Sara said...

hahaha, i love your play-by-play account of the newsworthy scrabble game! you'll get him next time!
glad you all are having a great time :)
much love~
sara from kingwood tx

Ray said...

Haha, yeah, I read My Sisters Keeper and didn't cry either...I wonder how the movie will be.

Vicki said...

Scrabble is a family favorite at our house, too! We have one on a more looking upside down. You need to try a new version of Scrabble...called Bananagrams. It is the best and lots of people can play at once. Everyone creates their own mini scrabble game with lots of peels, dumps and bananas. You can even play by yourself to build your skills. FUN!

Megan at My Heart, My Home said...

Two things: First, your 'cold-hearted snake' comment now has me singing Paula Abdul's song...'ooo ah ahhhh' and second I felt the same way about reading "The Notebook." I kid you not in the reviewers section it said something to the affect of "if you don't cry, you have no heart." And as I shut that book, I kept waiting for a dang tear! But I had nothin'

Ronda said...

Great writing, I love funny stuff like that. Just wondering if you are dressing Jonah up like a cow today and going to get chick-fil-a?

Lisa said...

The Scrabble around here got so serious, that we had to purchase a Scrabble dictionary. I think it had something to do with my Mom vs. my uncle and the word "renailer."

Lorraine-bo said...

Scrabble is f-u-n to me, too ... so sorry for your loss :(

Sorry to hear about Matt's feet, too :(

Glad to hear the evening-beach time calms Jonah

Hope the family pictures work out!

Melissa said...

Obviously, the "bagle" faux pas can be attritubed to lack of sleep. You are also, obviously, the superior player, but what the heck CAN you do with a Q when you lack a U? Looking forward to the rematch play-by-play. Go get 'em, girl!

So glad you get to experience the beach with your sweet babe! Thanks for the pictures!

Sarah said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one having viewing problems! I saved the link to the Jonah on the beach entry as a favorite, then have to click on THAT to then see the sidebar to navigate to individual entries. Hey blogger - what's going on?
Sorry about Matt's feet - and hoping to soon see beautiful family portraits! I've never played Scrabble before - but I have NEVER (seriously NEVER) lost a game of Monopoly!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Poor Matt, I know exactly how he feels, Last year at the beach I rubbed a huge blister on my foot & had to go to the urgent care & have my foot debrided & dressed..OUCH!!!! Sad, isn't it that 2 adults get sidelined with blisters & look at Jonah he keeps on going & smiling!!!!

The pictures have been awesome..glad to know I wasn't the only one having problems logging onto your blog, but it was only on my computer at work, this MAC here at home has worked fine..must be some fluke..

Keep up the good work on scrabble, that is one game I cannot play, it does not have "spell check" and I have a tendency to make up words (usually medical terms & the others don't know the difference HA Ha!).but they will accuse of cheating..they want me to use the work in a sentence....

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, have a safe trip home.

I do love me some Jodi picoult books, but do not cry, the sister's keeper was not one of my favorite.

You need to read Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum this books will bring tears to your eyes from laughing so hard. My adult kids thought I had really gone over the deep end, seating on the sofa & laughing so hard I almost fell out of my seat. Those are entertaining books...make sure your bladder is empty before you start reading them, don't like Jonah says you will PEE in your pants (ha)

Lot's of prayers & love continue to be sent your way.

momnananelson said...

I am happy you guys are able to take a vacation. Time away from routine is good for all.
I love you witty way of writting.
I hope you keep it up for a long time.
enjoy your special family time.

momnananelson said...

Oh, I also meant to say I am sorry for Matt & his feet...o-u-c-h.

Tracey said...

This post had me absolutely in stitches. That's! I am so happy to hear that you all are enjoying sweet Jonah and your vacation. God Bless!

Laura A said...

I used to play Scrabble with my grandmother when we'd go visit her in Augusta (GA) - I had to keep her in line and make sure she didn't cheat! LOL!

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be victorious in the rematch!

It looks/sounds like you're all having a grand time at the beach, and that Jonah's had a ball! Caroline and I loved looking at the pictures you posted!

Will pray for a safe and peaceful trip home, and for healing (as always!)


kim_brough said...

My sister's keeper was an okay book. I really loved Picoult's The Pact. It was so smartly written and different from most books.

And J's eyes are sooo blue and handsome. They are prettier than the ocean!

Becca B. said...

You always crack me up! I can count on your bloggy mussings to bring a smile to my face.

Danielle said...

Hello there! I have commented on your blog before- and I am definitely a faithful follower! I don't know if you've heard of this family: but I thought you might have some good advice and thoughts for them. Just a thought... thanks!

purejoy said...

i love scrabble. i am now inspired to play!!
as for my sisters keeper? i read the book (first) and then saw the movie. if you hated the ending of the book (i thought it was less obvious than the ending in the movie) maybe you'll like the movie. at any rate neither endings are plausible because anyone knows that someone who just had a seizure can't drive for 6 months anyways!!
but yeah, i didn't cry so much in the movie. call me heartless, but i agree, it was kinda contrived. and the mother was not a sympathetic character in the book or the movie.
hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Anonymous said...

In other news, wire reports indicate that the Crump and Moore ladies fell in bitter defeat to their manly counterparts in both 80s/90s/Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit and Canasta during a recent Alaskan voyage.

Ebeling Family said...