Tuesday, July 21, 2009

another random (not at all funny) post

This will be a random post because I'm definitely starting it having no idea where it will go.

First off, still having trouble on the posting photos/videos front. Something is wrong with our laptop. I cannot post pictures or videos to the blog, it will not auto-save, I can't do anything on Facebook, my sister's email freezes up when she tries to check it, the backspace button has a delay, and so on and so forth. And it's definitely just a problem with the laptop because we can do everything on our desktop. However, my video software is not loaded on the upstairs computer, so until I have time to load that, I can't post any videos. So that's why my posts of late have no media. I'm more frustrated than you are, believe me.

I feel like I have a lot on my heart tonight, but it's really all random thoughts all jumbled up, so I don't know that I can really express any of it, but just so you know I'm having deep thoughts (and that doesn't happen very often, so I thought you should know.)

What's going on with Jonah: He's being cute.

No, but really - I'm not sure about the Alimentum. Although he's eating a lot better (except for today... he had a blister on the tip of his tongue), he is spitting up a lot more. Not only does he have lots of little spit-ups during the day, but usually twice a day, he's having a monster throw-up of about three to four ounces... you know the kind - where you have to change him and change yourself... all the way down to your undies (S, S, and B, UNDAPANTS I say to you.) Has anyone else experienced this when switching from breast milk to formula? Is it because the formula is so much thicker or because I'm adding rice cereal or because the formula isn't agreeing with him??? Grrr. Every time I think we've found a solution with Jonah, something else always comes up. This is especially frustrating, because although he's always struggled with acid reflux, it's been the more "silent" type, and we typically haven't had issues with massive amounts of spit up. (And believe me, I'm using the words "spit up" here very lightly as that is not nearly descriptive of what is coming out of this child - think rushing river or Niagra Falls.) And I'm tired of having to do additional partial dressing changes several times a day. So anyway, I'm still pumping since we are unsure at this point what's going to happen. We have an appt with the GI doctor next Wed I think and with the nutritionist next Friday, so I will be interested to see what they have to say.

We ran into Dr. Heather today at Home Goods, and I was soooo excited to see her. Jonah really gave her some cute smiles, and I was glad he woke up to show her his baby blues. It's as if he was saying, "Hey, I know you. You saved my life. How's it goin'?" And on a fortuitous note, she had already spoken with a Similac Rep who knows Jonah's story and says they are willing to help with formula however they can. WOO-HOO! AND the pediatrician called and says they have lots of coupons waiting there for us, and they are also working on getting us some samples from their rep. Does my God provide or what?

These last couple days, I’ve realized how much he’s growing up. I’ve had to pack up a lot of the clothes he’s outgrown (most that he never got to wear), and today I had to buy him one of those little mesh seats for the real tub, because the baby tub has gotten too small (well, too small to keep him from harming himself anyway). It’s weird that he’s so big. And I find myself saying things like, “I can’t wait until he’s old enough to know he shouldn’t rub his face” or “I can’t wait until he can sit up and know to hold still during dressing change.” But I don’t want to wish this time away. Maybe it’s all tied up in the likely cessation of pumping. I don’t feel guilt about it, as much as it just makes me sad that I never got to nurse him, and will probably never get to nurse a baby. And that just makes me so sad… that I’ll never get that. I, I, I, me, me, me. And we know it’s all about me, right? Geez.

Jonah’s forgotten how to sleep through the night. Last night it was back to being up with him twice – once at 2:00 and once at 5:30. I don’t know why he’s backtracking, but we’re soooo tired. I want my seven hours back. Even before last night, he has been waking up three to five times a night for butt patting and usually once for a feeding. It’s so weird because he’s eating MORE now but sleeping less. I can't figure these creatures out. He’s snoozing now, but I’m always up one to two hours after he’s gone down because of laundry, dishes, setting up for tomorrow’s dressing change, pumping etc… We get in bed about the time he’s waking up.

Anyway, guess I better run. I’m really tired, and he’ll probably be waking up in another couple of hours.

Oh, a funny thing (since this post was so boring) – I have a newly developed addiction to Nutty Buddies, and so every time I hear the ice cream truck, I have to go out and get one. However, to save money, I just decided to buy a box of the Harris Teeter ones knowing that would be cheaper. But pathetically enough, the ice cream truck slows down (or sometimes comes to a complete stop) on the corner near my house hoping to lure me out there. He doesn’t stop in front of the little kids’ houses. He stops in front of my house. I am the sucker. (See? I told you it was pathetic) But don’t worry – I’ve been eating my store-bought ones instead. I do, however, still salivate when I hear the truck music. I’m apparently just as impressionable as one of Pavlov’s dogs.

I hope to get that software uploaded to the other computer tomorrow, but no guarantees. I don’t like to spend a lot of time on the computer when I could be hanging with Jonah instead. I try to only do that kind of thing when he’s either sleeping or I’m pumping.

Ok, I’m really done now. Hope you are all having a good week.


Katherine said...

P, We had the spit up issue with all three boys (but with Jake least of all). I nursed for a few weeks with each of them but always supplemented with formula, and they always had those "gushers," too. Our poor couch and carpet ... they have really taken a beating. And yes, it always required a change of clothes for me and the baby. Still, I would think that the reflux meds would help some ... although if he's spitting up so much, he may well be spitting up his meds, and they won't do much good like that.

I love hearing all the random stuff, and we're missing you all like crazy. One measly week wasn't enough time!

Peggi said...

Hi. I was wondering what you were mixing with the breastmilk. If it wasn't Alimentin maybe that is what was bothering him. Just a thought. My boys both had reflux, and would projectile vomit all day long. I did a ton of laundry. They ate a lot because they were always throwing up. Hope you figure it all out. Praying for sweet Jonah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrice! My daughter spit-up like Jonah does. Spit up is such a dainty word, i agree...I always called hers barf :). It is a more fitting word. Anyway, I have a few suggestions. Does Jonah take vitamins? The liquid ones made my kids tummies upset. My doc game me some iron kids liquid vitamins. They seemed to help as opposed to the poly-vi-sol. Just an idea. Also, have you tried fast flow nipples or even a sippy cup that has a rubber spout like a nipple. Sometimes when they suck so hard it makes them spit-up. If Jonah would take one, it would be worth a shot. Also, once he is old enough, talk to your doc about raw milk. A lot of milk and dairy allergies come from pasteurization (sp?). When they heat up the milk it changes the protiens in the milk, and that is what most milk allergies come from. I don't know where you can get it from around here, but your doctor would know.

Take care!

RLR said...

Random or not, always glad to hear how things are going so I know specific ways to pray for you. My first had a rough start, feeding-wise, and it was SO hard. I hated to stop nursing, and his formula was so expensive, and, and, and.... We have all been there.
Hugs to you - glad I was up late tonight!

Rachaellh said...

Hi Patrice. I am was glad to see your post tonight about Jonah. I agree with the comment about trying a fast flow nipple. Jonah would not have to work as hard to take the bottle and it might be easier on the inside of his mouth as well.

When my daughter was born the special care nurses told us that there were 3 smells that babies loved: lavender, garlic, and breast milk. I am glad that you will be able to talk to the nutritionist next week about continuing to pump for him. It is always to have the help of a specialist to guide you, especially when you are a new mom.

Thank you for continuing to share your heart with all of us in blog land.

Laura A said...

Hi Patrice-

Thanks for your "random" post - it definitely makes it easier to know how to specifically pray for you and sweet Jonah!

I think the "spit-up" (said lightly) is probably from the increased intake. Caroline used to soak entire outfits (hers and mine), so I ended up having to do smaller, more frequent feedings for a bit until she was able to tolerate more at one sitting. That's just my experience, though - she didn't have reflux (or EB), so there may be something entirely different going on with Jonah. (Gee Laura, how helpful was that?!)

Anyway, I'll pray that his little tummy settles down, and that he also heads back toward his good sleeping schedule.

Hope your Wednesday is great - continuing to pray in TX!


Anonymous said...

Patrice, sorry your heart was feeling heavy. All of us have some kind of sadness we go through as our babies are growing up. I am always wanting to just freeze bits and pieces of time. When my son decided he didn't want to nurse anymore, (thank God he weaned himself because I could never be strong enough to do that) I felt like he didn't need me anymore and it was one more thing separating him from me. When he was a tiny baby I just wanted time to stop time because I felt like the older he got the less "firsts" there were going to be and the less he would need me (ie, the nursing) I am finding that there are still plenty of firsts to see and I am just as excited when he says a new word as I was when he sat up the first time or took his first step. It is still so hard to accept that the time is passing quickly. I cried every time I had to pack up old clothes. Like you, he is my only child I have here with me. He will be my only child I have unless God decides otherwise. Now we are coming up on his 2nd birthday in about 4 weeks. It is hard to believe but there was a time last year when I didn't think he would be here for a 2nd birthday. So it makes it a little easier to deal with. It is so sad seeing the time pass you by but there is still so much to look forward too. I didn't realize you have been unable to nurse Jonah at all. I wish I had something to say to make you feel better but please know that it doesn't make you any less of a mother. You are doing what is best for Jonah, breastfeeding or not, formula or not. That is how you are the best mom. You do what is best for them and not what is best for you. And we all feel guilty for going through the me, me , me's! Sometimes we just need to be heard!

I loved this post. After all, isn't this why you do a blog....to talk about whatever is on your mind? Hope you feel better and get out of the blahs. And yes once you think you have it all figured out the babies always do a switcheroo on you! That is how my son was! He was NEVER consistent. I had to remind everyone when they would tell me oh it will get better, he will start sleeping through the night soon...blah blah blah that hey...this was my son we were talking about...Mr. inconsistent! My son didn't start sleeping through the night until he was 15 months old! I hope Jonah doesn't wait that long! He still wakes up every night, (i guess) at 3A. He sits up, looks around, gets his passy and lays back down. Yeah, I know, he is almost two now....I need to start working on getting the passy out. He only uses it at naptime, bedtime and car rides. UGHHH! I don't want to take it from him but I don't want him to be one of "those" kids with the passy.....

Anyway...there I go...me me me! See it's perfectly ok!

Take care and I will be praying for some sort of solution for Jonah's eating. Hate that you have to wait so long till your appt's! Seems like a long time when you are having eating issues. You just want to yell at the appointment maker and say you don't understand...I need the appt now!!!

Anyway...Can't wait to read your next post!

Ps...my laptop is acting crazy too...it has been going so slow...especially on FB or when I am trying to go from site to site online...it is driving me nuts!

Sarah said...

Patrice -- I feel your pain and frustration on the milk thing. My baby is 7 1/2 months an we have just recently been successful on finding the right formula. We started with breastfeeding and he was miserable so we were forced to go to formula. Here's what we found---when you get the right one spitting decreases and activity and development rockets! We had our baby on a gentle milk -- he screamed all the time. Put him on soy and he did better. Drank very little, spit up most of it and was inactive and delayed in development---was on this for several months til he started breaking out in hives. Poor thing was allergic, but had had no sign...until the hives. Switched to lactose free milk reluctantly but he's done great. Screaming stopped, drinking increased from 20 oz per day to 32 oz per day, spitting up decreased completely and his activity really changed.

Another thing we did with him was to put him on probiotic supplements. I bet Jonah could really benefit from these because he's been on so many meds. You just sprinkle them in his formula. It can really improve digestive issues. Good Luck!! Hang in there. Will pray you find something quickly.

Merrilee said...

Patrice, I wonder if it might be the rice cereal he's reacting to? His tummy may be a little too young to tolerate solids well, even when mixed into formula.

I know that when my son had large spit up incidents it was from taking too much too fast, although he had numerous small spit ups all the time.

As to never nursing, you know if you adopt someday you could induce lactation (though pumping) to breastfeed an adopted child, or they have SNS (supplemental nursing systems) that allow you to breastfeed while giving the child formula, which in turn stimulates your breasts and induces lactation. It's just a thought, maybe something to keep in the back of your mind so it's not so sad. My son is almost a year and I couldn't imaging not breastfeeding right now!

Sarah said...

oh yeah. I forgot to mention that bottles made a difference for us too. The nipple made a difference in gas and in spit up. Request samples from other bottles from teh one you are using. Find one that seems to help.

Sarah said...

Just wondering if burping Jonah is too dangerous for his skin? I don't have to deal with reflux in my baby, but I know if I give her too much at once or don't burp her often enough she spits up a ton!

I don't think I've ever commented before, but wanted to say thanks for sharing little Jonah with all of us in the blogworld. He's a total cutie patootie and you guys are being used of God in a wonderful way! I hope you know that. I love to read your blog & be able to share in praise with you for Christ's wonderful love!

Britta said...

First time leaving a comment.
My 2nd daughter was a projectile spitter who also suffered from reflux. Many times I would confuse her need to suck as a need for food so I was over feeding her. We also had to feed less amounts more often and burp every ounce or two. Also, you could try different bottles and different nipples to control the flow.
It is bitter sweet that they grow so fast, but there are always fun things to look forward to at every age.. the most important thing is that you enjoy them, even when it's hard to think that someday, this too will be just a memory.
Hang in there!

Jenny J in CA said...

Even your random posts are interesting and entertaining. Thanks for sharing both your ups and downs with everyone. I hope you continue to make progress on the eating and sleeping front.

Praying for your whole family to get a peaceful and uninterrupted night's sleep.... several of them in fact... in a row...

Alison said...

Patrice - this is the first time I have left you a comment even though I have been reading since before Jonah was born!

Sorry you are struggling with feeding Jonah - my daughter had shocking reflux and was impossible to feed. Don't beat yourself up about WHAT you feed him - with reflux it doesn't really matter what they eat they will still bring it up (not very encouraging I know), but my point is that you shouldn't be hard on yourself about the spit up, type of formula, whether to keep pumping etc.

You are doing a great job with Jonah and I LOVE reading your blog!!! I'm in Australia so I am learning all sorts of new things about places like Chick-Fil-A!

Heather said...

Hi Patrice! I just had a thought...when I was breastfeeding my son, he would projectile vomit/had acid reflux at least one a day. It broke my heart when I figured out what the problem was - carbonated drinks. One I cut them out of my diet, he was fine. Just an idea, if you want to try it.

Could Jonah be having a growth spirit? Both my kids sleeping through the night would be shot when they had growth spurts.

Anyhow, as always, we're praying for you guys!

Jenn said...

Don't worry about the spit up, it's probably because he's eating so much faster and his belly is still immature. I know it's a pain with the dressing changes, etc. but this is so very normal! Also, most pediatrician's will tell you that it may look like alot, but it's probably not half as much as you think.

Sometimes you've got to take the good with the bad.

Give it at least two weeks before you decide on any changes.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before but love reading your blog. My daughter was a projectile vommiter. She was on reflux meds. As she grew, she outgrew her dose and it would need to be upped. You talk about how big Jonah is getting - maybe he needs his meds adjusted???? Just a thought. Hang in there. Jonah is so precious. :-)

Anonymous said...

food and sleep are closely related.. their littel digestive systems take a minute to get used to things. When my kids did the throw-up/spit I slowed down feedings, gave mylacon before feeding or in the bottle, and tried to let them sit up after eating. I would prop the bed if it was night time. The Mylacon seemed to help..it as least gave me some control because I know it is maddening. I know you don't want to hear it, but maybe more frequent feedings of less during the day. I always had in my head that they need most of their calories before bed...so they didn't wake wanting more. Even if it felt like I was feeding them all the time. Also, you can do a schedule just every 2-3 hours. Once you train his little belly this will help. All things baby are a science and it will take practice. I know you are tired and it is hard. I used to sit with my daughter in the middle of the night and be grumpy..then I realized that I probably won't get to sit that long with her quietly in my lap ...ever again. Treasure the moments and know that you are not alone...parenthood is tough, but worth it. Take this or leave it, but know that he will figure things out...and then probably need something new. Hang in there!

Heather said...

My son has severe reflux, and we went through 9 different formulas for him. When we tried Alimentum, he ate it fine, but he spit up and projectile vomited a ton. We took him off of it and finally settled on Similac Sensitive with rice cereal in it. He was on that until he turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. Jonah could be waking up because his tummy is uncomfy, but it is odd because he's eating more??? Praying that God gives you the wisdom you need to figure him out.

Amy T said...

Tia, Nutty Buddies are where it's at!! :)

Sandy P said...

Hang in there. Parenting babies is a tough job when there are no added issues.

Amy said...

You know my bottle knowledge is limited, but I remember my dr. told me to try and burp Asher after every ounce so that the spit-up would be minimal. I'm not sure if that rules still stays once they get older and eat more than a few ounces, but I thought I'd share it with you.

Also, my laptop acted exactly like yours because of a virus. I ended up taking it to the geeks to fix it.

Katie said...

Hey hon! So I had a thought about the not sleeping thing...

Jonah's almost 5 months. Rory got her first tooth at 6 months to the day - and it messed with her sleep for weeks before it came in. So he could be at that point. Teething is SO fun. *rolls eyes*

Angie Davis said...

Still praying for you guys and love hearing updates on baby J - cutest baby on the www.
Just thought I'd chime in since we have had major reflux issues as well (I could be feeding mine on the couch and then have to clean the coffee table from the projectile-ness). I know that are situations are very different - that it is even more important for Jonah to get as many calories as possible. But the rule of thumb we always followed was that no matter how much he seemed to throw up (yes, seemingly 3-4 oz. easily), as long as he was having plenty of wet diapers and gaining weight ok that he was fine - getting more than it appeared. And yes, increased intake (pumped milk or formula) seemed to make it worse). Though I'm not making light of your incredibly frustrating experience!!!
Honestly, we tried everything and nothing really helped. All info I found about meds (we ended up only using Zantac, taking him off at 5 mos)seemed to say the same - they really don't stop the spit-up, just make it less painful. The thing that FINALLY helped our son was solid foods. He is now a "normal" spit-uping baby.
My 2 cents, take it or toss it!

Michelle said...

Dr. Brown's bottles are great for reducing the amount of excess air that babies can get when they are feeding. Both my boys went through a time of "heavy" spit-up until about six or seven months -- and then it stopped. When they are able to sit up, the spit-up all but stops (at least that how it worked for us). Five months was the worst for us -- we were going through burp cloths and clothes like crazy -- and then all of a sudden it was over. Hope it's like that for you too! We pray for Jonah every night. He's a cutie! :)

Erica said...

Our Eli "spit up" at least 5 times every day. And, like you, by "spit up" I mean projectile vomit of 3+ ounces. It was AWFUL. I don't recall that it got better/worse with switching to formula, but it did start to improve as he learned to sit up. I think once the stomach muscles are strong enough to hold them upright, they're also strong enough to hold vomit down better. :) Our GI said that reflux improves and then gets worse again in a cycle, sometimes only being "silent" and somtimes being the fountains of throw-up that you're talking about. So maybe Jonah's spit-up right now is just a normal part of the cycle, or maybe it is truly related to the formula.

They make an even more gentle formula called Neocate that, unfortunately, is even more expensive than Alimentum and tastes/smells even worse. :) But it might be worth a shot.

Good luck! I know from experience how awful those spit-ups are that leave you scrubbing the carpet and changing all your clothes down to your underwear. :)

Erica said...

P.S. The thing that helped Eli's reflux the most was switching to Playtex vent-air bottles. They push air out with every suck, and they worked wonders with Eli. Also, we burped him after every ounce, which helped too.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to encourage you on the feeding. My son was born at 29 weeks, and had struggles with eating for unknown reason. We did finally end up doing a gtube at the age of 30 months until he was 5 and decided that he liked to eat. I know this is not where you want to go, and what I wanted to encourage you with most, is that he is now a strapping 14 year old (who is still skinny).

God provided formula from the most unusual places for us, as our Jonah (they share a very special name, for very special boys) ate about $1000 worth of formula/supplies a month. Don't underestimate the power of God's people to provide. They just need to know you need help. We never asked for help, but friends asked on our behalf. All of a sudden a private pharmacy in town, bought us a feeding pump and churches and individuals were able to buy the formula at cost from them. Next a food bank found out about us, and we had a large delivery from them, how God provided the right formula at the right time, only he knows. But He who owns the thousand cows knows all your needs.

We used this wedge bed thing, that was huge, sat on the floor for the reflux. We got it while he was in the NICU. After he ate, we strapped him in it. (Might not be a good idea for Jonah though). It was very soft though. He sat in it for a little while after each feeding to keep him upright. This helped with the projectile vomits. He actually slept in that thing most of his infancy.

I wanted to encourage you, because I remember the feeling of being so overwhelmed when my Jonah was so little. Your family is in our daily prayers.


erika said...

Hi Patrice,
Sorry things just can't seem to settle down for you guys! I have a few thoughts on the feeding issues. My daughter had reflux and spit up a ton too. The meds are not going to do anything for the spitting up. Spitting up in infants is most usually related to the imaturity of the esophageal sphinctor and it just takes time for it to mature. It took my daughter's until she was one. But, at least while they are on reflus meds, they are not damaging their espohagus with acidity (helped by the reflux meds). I would just talk to your pediatrician to see if he/she agrees. I don't know that much about EB so there may be some factors that I can't account for.

As far as the sleeping business, maybe he is going through a growth spurt and just needs the extra caloies to keep up with growing. Just a thought.

Don't feel bad or guilty if you end up stopping pumping. You are a wonderful mother to Jonah and I am so impressed that you have pumped this long! Most people would never be able to pump for this amount of time! Wow.
Good luck and take care.
PS Oxiclean stain remover (the spray) works wonders on most yucky formula (and other) stains!

erika said...

PPS: I saw someone else talked about the sitting in an upright position following feedings and trying different bottles and burping very often. I wouldn't even let people hold my daughter chest to chest because it put so much pressure on her belly and she would spit up (aka barf) more. She spent a lot of time in her swing, bouncy etc so she could sit up more. I liked the Mam Sassy Bottles a lot. You can get them from Babies R Us. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember from past comments if Jonah is on any reflux meds if so what kind or if he spit up before he was on the meds. My son never spit up, but he had some breathing issues and my stupid dr kept saying it was reflux, so they put him on meds, I want to say Zantac and he wasn't even on the meds 24 hours and he would throw up his whole bottle. We tried it for a week, it didn't make a difference on the breathing thing and he kept throwing up. We stopped the Zantac and he never threw up again. I am not saying that is the reason, but perhaps the meds aren't agreeing with his tummy?

Lorraine-bo said...

I don't think you're wishing away your time, I think you're a Mom.

I wish I knew some awesome advice, but I don't, so I will pray.

Mike and Mindy Aumann said...

Just some thoughts from my own experience with my kiddos... Our babies' reflux & tummy troubles got better when we started adding acidophilus to their bottles. I'd get capsules from the health store and open a capsule or 2 into the bottle & shake it up. I googled for an article that would explain it, and found this one. It's a pretty good explanation: http://www.refluxissues.com/ms/ency/7/main.html

Also, I've found that when my kids were about to go through or just went through a big growth spurt their eating/sleeping got all messed up again. Hope it settles back into a pattern for you soon. Sleep deprivation is not fun. (coming from a mom of who's 2 little ones would alternate their sleep!) Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be saying prayers for Jonah and his feeding. As a mom who had two infants with feeding issues I know how frustrating it can be. However, I can only imagine it's even more so with Jonah.

Also, I will try my best to remain patience...as hard as it is not to get my daily visual fix of the "baby blues" myself. Sigh...


P.S. The ice cream truck comment was hilarious. I am certain he is trying to lure you to the corner. Such evil things, those ice cream treats. Grrr...

Mike and Mindy Aumann said...

PS - I wanted to say kudos for continuing to pump when you're not nursing. I don't think I would have the patience. I think I would have stopped a long time ago. Good for you!! :)

Ray said...

Haha its ok, my internet connection is too slow to upload any media at all and no software will fix it. :)

Anonymous said...

His spitting up may not be in any way related to his EB. Both of my children were exclusively breast fed(no formula) and they both were projectile spiter uppers. Sometimes it was small amounts, sometimes it seemed like their whole feeding. It was frequent. With both is gradually decreased as they grew up and stopped entirely by the time they could sit up at about 6-7 months. I never worried too much about it because they were both in the 90+ percentiles for weight and height. Maybe he is spitting up more because he is taking in way more than he used to at one time and he has a similiar problem to my children. I wouldn't get too concerned as long as he continues to be gaining good weight.

Anonymous said...

Your life is so busy and it seems that you are trying to do everything when you aren't feeding,washing,dressing changes. When Little Man takes a nap you NEED to take one too, at least while his nights are interrupted.Just a little rest makes a big difference. Remember the beach?
Prayers always,

JMorgan said...

My daughter swears by the book on sleep by Dr. Marc Weisbluth called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" (or something like that) :) Her girls are sleeping machines! Prayers.

purejoy said...

ohhh, i know it's always something, isn't it?? i really feel for you. i had a true gallagher (the commedian where everyone in the front row wore raincoats because his act is THAT messy) in the family with our first. and my mom used to burp my sister with her back to the kitchen sink so she could projectile vomit into the sink.
i really hope you get to the bottom of his tummy woes. it's hard enough to do a dressing change once, let alone every time he explodes. i really feel for you.
keep sharing your heart. you do it in the sweetest, most earnestly real way, and it's a blessing. so pour it out. it just gives me a better way of knowing how to pray.

Sarah Crump said...


Lucy and Ethel said...

I agree that the eating more/sleeping less might be a growth spurt.

Which would be a NORMAL thing!!!


PS - The word verification for me here is 'enuff.' Seems pretty appropriate....

brittany mills said...

undapants :)

Summer said...

I had the same issues with my son. I tried to slow down his feedings but nothing really helped. He grew out of it around 7 or 8 months. Know you are doing the best job for Jonah.

Anonymous said...

It was at about Jonah's age that Mason started to projectile spit-up. I used to always say I am so glad Mason doesn't have the spit-up issues that most babies have...oh boy was I wrong. I had no idea what was coming. We carried SEVERAL burp clothes along everywhere we went. I don't know why it started all of the sudden b/c he was always on formula and unfournately lasted for "several" months. Good times Patrice...Good Times! Love-

Lindsey S.

Anonymous said...

my son also has reflux and projectile vomiting. His GI doctor prescribed reglan at 4 months along with a 15 mg prevacid solutab. it has worked wonders! we also supplement with enfamil AR when we use formula. it thickens in his tummy and stays down better

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when you switch to the formula, the new taste is yummy and they tend to overeat. I had this problem with my baby. It sounds like he went from 1-2 oz, right to 3-4 oz overnight and it may just be too much for his tummy. I would try restricting a little... start with 2.5 oz this week, 3oz next week and so on, rather than let it be the all you can eat buffet.

I feel for the soaked to your underwear episodes, but it was always better to sacrifice myself for the couch and carpet. ;o)

Katie said...

I had kids that spit up also and the only thing that seemed to help was the playtex bottles with the liners. That way I could squeeze out all the air. I also feed them sitting up as much as possible and but them sitting in a bouncy chair after the feeding. Laying them down seemed to make them spit up more. I hope that helps. Big hugs I know how hard it is. He is adorable and has such beautiful eyes.

rhysgirl said...

we just switched to supplementing with formula too! lia threw up all over me last night,like she hasn't done since being on lovenox shots....

it's so hard to know what to feed them. i have been told that formula in general is much more difficult to digest, maybe that's the throwing up?

i wish i had better info. we're praying for you guys.


Anonymous said...

LOL...you cracked me up with your ice cream truck story. That poor ice cream truck driver must be feeling really rejected by you, wondering what he did wrong :)

Unfortunately I have no great insight into the spitting up issue with Jonah. Anthony spit up a ton (I have the carpet stains to prove it!), but he did that even when I was breastfeeding him. He continued to do it on the formula as well. I didn't notice any major changes once we started the Alimentum. I can tell you, though, that Anthony's spitting up comes and goes and I'm still trying to figure out what triggers it. We too, dealt with the rushing rivers of spit up and it was so frustrating. Thankfully now at 9 months it is starting to go away!

As far as knowing whether you should stay on the Alimentum or not, my advice would be to do an experiment (I do this all the time with Anthony's food to try to figure out what could be bothering him). I would go back to breastmilk for a week or two and see what happens. Does the spitting up improve? If it does, then you have your answer. If he continues to spit up, eats less, etc then I think that would also give you the answer you need. I know Jonah's situation is a little more delicate and doing all of that messing around might not be good, but that is what I would do. Just like a scientist testing different theories :)


Jenny (in K'ville!) said...

I always get sad when I have to pack up my little boy's clothes. One of my teachers once told me that each new stage of your child growing up is better than the last, and its true and it helps me feel better. Still praying for you.

Ebeling Family said...

Oh, sounds like he's going through a growth spurt. That would explain the getting up/eating more thing.
My mom hit it on the nose when she told me that my son would level out with his sleeping at around 6 months old (even though we would have regular intervals of sleeping through the night before that.)
We'll continue to pray about the whole spitting up thing, too- it's kinda freaky seeing that amount come out of such a little body!

Isaiah 12:4
In that day you will say:
"Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;
make known among the nations what he has done,
and proclaim that his name is exalted. "

Anonymous said...

I saw this in a magazine while waiting in the doctor's office. Thought you appreciate it... even tho "who could possibly afford...???!!!" :)


Also, my son was a projectile vomiter. Started around 4 months or so...too much formula at a each feeding. Doctor had me start him on cereal and baby food earlier than normal. Fixed the problem.

Praying for you all,

Melina said...

My MIL has similar probs on her laptop. My DH is a tech guy and he says it's because she has too many pictures on her harddrive, it's slowing her comp down and the processing is taking a beating, which acconts for the slow/poor reactions. Maybe transfer any pics you have on there to a backup drive.


PS: My daughter had reflux until I figured out she was allergic to mint. I did some researching and ultimately discovered "salicylate sensitivity." might be worth looking into. I know skin problems and tummy upset are common results of salicylate sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

Patrice, I wish I could help with the whole spit up thing. I don't have much experience with that. I am so sorry that you guys are going through this. Look how far you have come though, it really is amazing. You really have come a long road already. Speak with the doctor to see what he thinks and keep plugging away. We are still praying and praying. I know God is watching you all in a special way. Jennifer in Southeast, NC

The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

I always hate leaving comments so far down the list becuase I don't know how you find the time to actually read all these, but maybe you'll get to it. My daughter does not have EB, but I have so walked in your shoes with the breatmilk/formula thing and the reflux and the meds for it, and the changing of clothes, etc. She has been on just about every formula known to man and two different kinds of reflux meds. The prevacid did nothing for her and when I tell you nothing, what I really mean is I think it almost made it worse. We finally or just doing Zantac. She turned 7 months today and just in the last month I can tell you that she is getting better to the point that we know go some days with no bib on. It is so frustrating, I can't imgagine having to do dressing changes with all that spit-up, too! You really are a strong woman. But last week at the GI appt, the doc finally told me that there is no med known to man to make that muscle to stay closed to prevent the reflux/spit-up. There used to be but it got taken off the market due to some complications with it. So no matter what kind of med you have him on, if that muscle opens, the reflux is going to come up and out. It's a matter of decreasing that acid that is in that spit up so that he is not constantly having acid up and down his esphoagus. You may have already known this, but I did not. I associated the actually spit up with the fact that nothing we were doing was working. But that's not true. So that's just a little FYI. The zantac is something that does have to be changed so often as far as the dose goes because of weight so that's also something else to think about. Here's one more thing our GI told us. If she is going to have reflux, she is just going to have reflux and no matter what you put down her, it's going to come back up. So the formula we had her on, which was the Enfamil brand Nutramagin (which is the same thing as Similac Allementum) was doing nothing to make the refulx better. WE know have her back on regular formula and she is better than she has ever been. S

I don't know if any of this helps but the single most frustrating thing to me as a Mom has been the feeding/reflux/spit up thing. So I had to chim in.

All that being said, you are an incredable mom and so strong and such an inspiration to all of us out here in the blog world. So hang in there. Yes, they grow so fast, but as my husband points out, that is normal and we'd rather her be growing and developing than not. Hang in there!

OH yeah, I also wanted to say that the added rice for sure made my daughter's reflux worse. The only thing I really did that helped was feed her less and more often, which is such a pain becuase then you are basically feeding a baby all day long.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had the same feeding issues Jonah has and her ped put her on Alimentum and I thought it was getting better but it quickly went down hill. Second formula Ped recommended was Nutramigen and worked wonders!!! Ironically this was the pattern her siblings followed also,but the formula rocks! Maybe it's worth trying for your Jonah?
PS. I've got a Jonah too-he's 7 ;)

Cristin said...

Praying for answers to Jonahs eating issues.

Michael said...

Our son had a really bad problem with acid reflux and flowing river spit up. I tried nursing and all the expensive formulas and what we ended up using is NEOCATE. Our GI was the one who told us we should try it and it saved our sons life!! and my sanity. He didn't cry anymore when being fed the spit up continued but, wasn't as bad. Maybe ask the GI what he thinks about the neocate and for a sample.It was a life saver for my son and me.

2slippers said...

I was having troubles with my laptop as well. I dug and dug and dug around some more on it today and found out that when I allowed some stupid thing on Facebook to access my stuffs, it installed some junk on my computer. It had been taking up to five minutes to just load gmail. I uninstalled the junk and now it's back to normal. I hope you can get yours figured out soon.

Nancy said...

We adopted our son so I can relate about the sadness not being able to nurse. I used to be sad about not having the experience of pregnancy too but as time goes on, I am just enjoying every second with my baby man! Hang in there!

Libby said...

Dear Patrice,

You are doing a great job as a mom. I felt pretty down when I went back to work when N. was 6 months, because I was missing time with him and worrying about pumping/possible formula, etc. It's ok to feel sad about not nursing (especially with the way our society lays on the breast-feeding propaganda) and it's ok to think about your own feelings. You are a really good mom!

I will pray that the doctor's appointment helps figure out the best way to feed Jonah!

One Down, One to Go said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I am laughing over your ice-cream man stopping outside YOUR place and not the kids.

Allie said...

Ok...the spitting up...my twin boys both spit up a good bit of their formula every single day. It was an issue of them simply not knowing when to STOP eating. So, when that good burp came, along came the huge, projectile spit up! There were a few times it scared us...but, once the boys learned to STOP eating when they were full, then the spitting up started to subside. I wouldn't worry at all. I know it can freak you out and the anxiety comes out...but, I believe it is normal and it seems like all the moms I have ever talked to have had the same issue. The other thing we did was we spaced out the feedings to every four hours instead of every three hours, and that gave more time in between feedings for the formula to digest a bit. It seemed to help quite a bit. Just a thought. :-)
Thank you for all of your random stuff. I love reading your blog and praying for Jonah!
Blessings to you all.

Susana said...

Sorry to hear about all of the eating problems you are still experiencing. It is so frustrating, I know. I commented a few days ago about how the only formula that ended up working for my daughter (and I've used it with my two others as well) was Nestle Good Start, purple label. It came highly recommended from a NICU nurse at our local hospital. It really was a night and day difference. Also, if he is already having problems keeping the food down, in my experience, a fast flow nipple will upset his stomach even more, causing even more eating/throwing up problems.

I hope you get all of this figured out soon so Jonah and you will both be happier!!

Sincere prayers and thoughts!!


jenlar3 said...

That ice cream man knows whos hand rules the wallet!!!

chinamoon1420 commented on the sadness of no more "baby firsts" to look forwards to. My girls are now 25 & 23, married and all, and I am STILL experiencing "firsts" with them. Not as cute or cuddly as with babies, but each stage brings its own joys and blessings. My favorite stage was always the one they were/are in.

We never had feeding/reflux problems, but I did try and be present in the little moments,and I love to open up my memory file and wander through it!

Give Jonah a hug and kiss for me!

Samantha @ the Listener's post said...

Hey Patrice - I really did have the exact same problem with my little one when we had to switch from breast milk to Alimentum because of a dairy allergy and reflux issues. The kid just couldn't keep that stuff down at all. My sister (who had a similar problem) suggested I use the cheap Carnation formula wihtout the DHA ARA (or whatever) stuff in it - even though it has a milk base. I told her she was crazy, but you know what? IT WORKED! He kept it down, and only had some pretty fowl diapers for a while as his system adjusted. He soon grew out of the majority of his dairy problems and reflux problems.

Don't know if that helps, but I thoguht I'd share.

Gretchen said...

This is the first time I have made a comment although I have been reading and praying since the beginning of Jonah's sweet life. I don't know if this will help since my daughter just had acid reflux and a protein sensitivity and no other issues like Jonah but we were finally sent to a kidney specialist that does transplants to test for metabolic disorders and he took us off of Alimentum and put us on Good Start formula which is half the price and worked wonders in our life and made Roman's life so much more peaceful. It may not be an option for you but something to check out. Also every time one of my babies had sleep interruptions it was usually teething, just a thought. You are in my prayers daily.

Anonymous said...

My firstborn was a huge, projectile spitter. I nursed him for the first few months but gave up b/c he seemed so miserable and fussy and spit up all the time. (my parents used to bring a change of clothes over when they visited so they wouldn't have to smell themselves on their way home!) We switched him to the Alumentium (sp?) and he still spit up ALOT. The dr told me some babies just spit and most out-grow it quickly, with a few going past 1 year...of course my son spit up well past 1. :o)
And give yourself a break with your feelings. I always hated those old ladies who would stop me in the store and tell me to enjoy these days, that they go by fast, and all I could think was "yeah...they could go by a bit faster so I can get some sleep!" And yet, it is true...they do go by in a blink, no matter how long the days seem. My sweet colicky, spit-up baby is 15 now. So treasure the pumping while you can, and then embrace the formula if that is what you have to go to. Jonah knows he is loved by you, no matter where the source of his food comes from. :o)
Laura from FL

Sandy said...

I'm so sorry for your frustration and your ups and downs in general. As hard as we try (us Christians that is) to look on the bright side of every situation, every circumstance, every little happening in our lives . . . WE GET SO FRUSTRATED WITH LIFE SOMETIMES! It's only natural I suppose (or we wouldn't be this way, would we?) . . . I'm just so thankful that our God loves us when we are HAPPY, when we are SAD, when we are MAD, when we are FRUSTRATED. He loves us ALL the time!!! Praise the Father, our Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Yaweh, Abba, Alpha and Omega. Praise Him for HIS LOVE. HE IS MOST AMAZING! May the Lord bless Jonah with healing today and in days to come.
Continuing to Pray,
Sandy in King, NC

Dan and Sarah said...

we have walked the reflux road with both boys. and yes they spit up the formula MUCH more. it is harder on their tummies, no question.

I know there is so much going on but in general breastmilk is easier on baby's tummies. if something in your breastmilk was bothering him and causing the reflux, then the Alimentum would have stopped it. so I would say keep giving the breastmilk a try. there are also other options for meds with the reflux (to move the food through faster and stuff like that)which the G doc can help you with.

also, the reflux for both our boys really turned a corner around 5 months. so hang in there!

Patti said...

You might be able to use an inflatable tub now that he has outgrown the infant tub. The one that looks like a duck (you can get it at Target) is fairly roomy and you can put it on a countertop which is so much easier on your back than trying to lean over into the tub. It does have a plastic seam around the bottom that sticks up a little and the bottom itself is kind of ridged to avoid slipping, so you might have to put a piece of soft foam or a towel to protect his bottom. There's also an inflatable tub that's bigger (and about twice as much--but he can use it longer) on the One Step Ahead website.

Cathryn said...

You have got to try the Walmart brand nutty buddies. Quite excellent peanut topping and fabulous chocolate tidbit in the tip of the cone. I could go on...

Mocha Mama 24 said...

Two of my boys had reflux really bad. My 8 month old was sleeping through the night and then started doing what Jonah is doing...waking up. He also had a nasty cough that wouldn't go away. I called the pediatrician and they said it can be caused by the reflux. One of the nurses suggested giving him just a little apple juice warmed up. She said this would help the burning that my son was feeling in the night and avoid doing a full feeding. This also keeps him from getting into a schedule of needing/wanting to eat in the night.

jennypen said...

So glad about the formula!!!

I know our situations are very different, but I do remember wondering if my daughter kept ANYTHING down with all that she spit up (the Niagra Falls kind)! Hopefully it looks like more than it is. (The dog sure did love it, though. I know, ew.)

Glad there's not guilt about ending pumping. I can think of no other parents in the world who have sacrificed and dedicated so much to their sweet babe.

Jenny said...

My daughter had to take Prevacid and Carafate for her acid reflux and she still spit up. It just didn't hurt her as badly.

You may have to switch to the ready to feed. It is thicker and when mixed with rice cereal, it stays down better. Our GI doctor recommended this for our daughter and it really seemed to help.

I used a food processor to grind up the rice cereal, so we could use size 3 nipples.