Tuesday, January 20, 2009

laughter lives tuesday

On one of the blogs I read, they have started doing a weekly post called, "Laughter Lives Tuesday." I didn't want to go through all the hassle of linking back to that blog and posting a button etc, but it did make me think of some funny stories. The theme this week is funny things your kids have done, but since we have not yet experienced the funny things our kids will do, I'm changing it to funny things we did as kids.

When Matt was little, he and his mom were in a grocery store. She had bought several items, including a box of maxi pads. As they rolled down the belt toward the cashier, Matt yells out in a loud voice, full of shock, "Mom! Do you have bladder control problems?"

When I was about three years old (I think), I stuck my tongue out at my mom with attitude, and she spanked me. (I deserved it). Afterwards, I looked at her and said, "My mind wants to say you're a mean mommy, but I won't." (Isn't it funny how early we learn to find and take advantage of the loop holes?)

When Shaina was little (probably 4 or 5), I was playing around with her, and she looked up at me and asked, "You want a piece of me?" in her best gangsta voice. She then proceeded to punch me really hard. I looked at her kind of shocked and said, "Ow, Shaina, that hurt." She looked right back at me and said, "That's what a piece of me feels like."

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Anonymous said...

Great NMM! Your shoe thing cracks me up. Been there! That's why with the second one I wore sandals everyday! Have a great week...hope you get to feeling better.